Monday, October 17, 2011


So much going on and I suddenly feel the urge to write about it all. First off, the daughter is getting married a week from Saturday, all the plans are in order, everything paid for, guests invited, all is set. I do not remember if I post photos of the where-abouts of the wedding. I need to go back and check..but it is a lovely historical park with antique buildings and we are pleased. the reception to follow is at a banquet hall and we will have a DJ and light show and all the trimmings and foods. Its a wonderful thing.

The worst thing that has happened in my absence...I lost my darling dog, Abby. I have grieved and grieved. I'm still grieving..she was my best kid! A puppy is in our immediate future and I will try to keep up with photos, etc.

Most of you know there was NOT a grandbaby born, after all, a year or so ago..but there is a little one due on or about April 20th. Everything is going well. It is not my daughter's, but my son's and his long time girlfriend, Kimmie.

Bless all of you, my darling friends.

Abby, mommy will love you forever...

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