Friday, September 10, 2010



  1. This still gives me the chills and provokes a huge wave of sadness over me. I've not watched it since it happened, honestly. The once was enough. I don't know why I watched it today.
    I found out about this when I went into choir class. The television was on CNN, and they were just replaying it over and over, and my director was on the phone trying to find her husband. He was supposed to have had a meeting in the morth tower that morning- but by some miracle, his meeting had been moved to that afternoon due to someone of great importance missing his flight (!). She still didn't find out that he was alive until sometime really early in the morning the next day.
    I've had friends who died in the military serving for this. This video makes me remember why they decided they had to go in the first place.

  2. I was baby sitting that day and had the tv on for noise and ended up falling back asleep and woke up to news on when it shouldnt have been. just what a way to wake up.. so sad for those that lost there lives in this mess..


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