Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the Name of Love

Oh, what people will do for love. and not only that, even the brightest of the bright will sometimes do incredibly stupid things in the name of love.

Take this lady:

Her name is Jacquelyn Kotarac. This woman is beautiful, but she's not just beautiful. She's smart. Very smart. So smart that she's a doctor. But she's not just any doctor. She's an internist. And she graduated from medical school with honors. She's received many accolades locally, not only for being an internist par excellence, but also for treating those who had financial difficulties, free of charge. So we have a lady who is smart, beautiful, accomplished and on top of that, kind hearted and caring.

There was, however, one area where Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac struggled; she had no common sense in matters of love.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac had a long term 'on again, off again' relationship with her boyfriend, William Moodie. Last week they were in one of their 'off again' stages. Our dear doctor decided to resolve this and went over to Moodie's house with the intention of confronting him about their problems. He would not let her in. She tried to break in using a shovel, but it didnt work. In the meanwhile, and without Jacquelyn's knowledge, Moodie sneaked out the back door.

So what does a normal smart, successful, beautiful and accomplished woman do?? Usually not what Dr. Kotarac did..she climbed a ladder to the roof and went down the chimney. The only problem, once she got to within two feet of the fireplace opening, there was not enough room for her lungs to expand, and she died of aphyxiation.

They did not find her body for three days. It took the fire department over five hours to dig her out.

I cannot figure this out. Why would someone, with so much going for her, be so desperate over a man that she would go to such lengths to reach him about their relationship? I don't get it. I'm sure she could have her pick of fine gentleman.
She lost more than her life. she lost her dignity.


  1. What are people thinking of themselves like that when they need to be around a man who obviously doesnt want to be around them.. poor woman.. you are right she lost everything.. the people lost a good person great hearted person for that matter.. yikes..

  2. What I find ironic is that during the period where she was 'missing,' prior to the discovery of the body, her boyfriend was among those desperately trying to find her.

  3. ok here is the kicker also. if he knew the last place she was, was at his house.. that is kind of weird but i suppose he didnt even think to say hey maybe she went down the chimney.. people are weird.. The old santa coming down the chimney didnt work and i dont believe it would work even if he really did come down the chimney..

  4. Yuck! He probably cant bear to live there any more. Can you imagine the propsective buyer asking why you are leaving? What would you say!
    But you are right the strange things folks do for love - Love is a drug - a behaviour altering one at that. As a chemical it would be banned for being so addictive and debilitating. Yet when we are high on it.....

  5. Sheila, isn't that awful? To know you've been sleeping and eating and relaxing just a few feet from a decaying body?


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