Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Tea at the Birthday Bash

"I'm holding you to your offer."

This certainly made me sit up and focus. I looked over at "T."


"Well, Beej," T continued, "You told me a couple of months ago that you would arrange a lunch for my birthday. The day is coming up and I'm holding you to your offer."

"Ohh! Okay!"

Let me tell you about 'T.' Now, I call her 'Sweet Tea,' because that's what she is...sweet. I could have as easily nicknamed her bubbly, smart, charming, but Sweet Tea fits the best.

T is short for 'Taneisha.' (T I know you plan on coming in here and I know I slaughtered the spelling of your given name. Please forgive.)

T could easily be called 'Beautiful T.' She has the heighth, weight and facial structure of a top model:

Keep in mind; this photo was taken at noon. T, her SO Aaysha, and our mutual friend Kristen, had gone out the night before and partied hardy until 4am. This is T with a well earned (and deserved!) hangover. She is still drop dead gorgeous. even at her worst.

Let us look at that photo; T is a trend setter. For instance, see her tie? T does not go for the traditional cloth tie; Her tie is metal and hangs from a chain. very cool. Now, move up and look at her new cap. I asked her about this because I thought she had inadvertantly left the scan bar tag on the brim. No, it was intentional. its a new trend. And it's cool. T's cool. Very.

Here is the gang:

We were at the restaurant for almost two and a half hours. Good conversation was abundant. Some of the topics covered:
boyfriends babies husbands strippers alcohol clothes bars work books Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine houses dancing music bodies kids sleep sports food peppers roadkill oxtails phones pregnancy on and on, often two or three conversations going simultaneously.
Happy birthday Sweet Tea! I love having you as my friend.


  1. I wish I was at that party looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Happy birthday Sweet T!!!!!

    (love the tie necklace)

  2. I'll tell her your message, Candy. This was actually a pretty tame lunch. Maybe because half the folks there were hung over? :)


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