Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flear of Flying; (Or how I could have died laughing.)

They say, "laughter is the best medicine." But we also hear the term, "I died laughing."

Both seem to be based in truth. Years ago I read a story about a man in England who got a bad case of the giggles while watching a tv show. Giggles gave way to guffaws and after about 25 minutes of uncontrollable laughter, his head slumped onto his chest and he died of a heart attack. If I remember correctly, his wife tried to sue the tv show but I don't remember how far she got with that.

Its a rare thing to get a case of uncontrollable giggles from watching the television and whenever I think of that poor man in England who died laughing, I think of the funniest tv show i had ever seen.

Recently, I went on to see if I could find that show, and whoopity-doo, I found it! Its from The Odd Couple and its called, "The Flying Felix."

Youtube has it in three parts, but it was the third that drove me into hysterical laughing.

A short synopsis; Oscar tries to help Felix get over his tremendous fear of flying. He invites Felix to accompany him on a business flight. They board the plane but before takeoff, Felix goes into an absolute panic. He runs off the plane, Oscar follows him and the show continues from there....
Here it is:


  1. This was hilarious, sissy boys, parachutes and all! Thanks for the video and now I will hop over to youtube!

  2. Too funny! You know coincidently, the movie version was on tv last week and we watched it. It still really holds up! I was laughing like crazy.


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