Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He, Who Is Without Sin.

This is Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani :

And she has occupied much of my thoughts over the last week or so. She is an Iranian woman who is sentenced to death for adultery. That is barbaric enough but apparently it ISN'T enough..because she was sentenced, according to Islamic Law, to death by stoning.

I've been reading a lot about this because I just cannot comprehend it. How can people of God..or Allah..say that this is ok?

The more I read, the more I researched, the more appalled I became. Islamic law reads that if the person escapes during the stoning, they can be allowed to run for freedom and the punishment is over. So this is what they do; they put the person in a cloth sack with their hands bound behind their backs. Then they bury them in a hole up to their necks so only their covered heads appear. then, MEN OF GOD stand there and hurl stones (which must be no smaller than the palm of the hand) at the unfortunate 'criminal's' head until the person is dead, their head a pulpy mess of beaten flesh and blood.

I found a video of this online. It was posted to show the brutality of this practice
and came with a strong disclaimer. I forced myself to watch it because I wanted to witness the pure barbaric behavior. I am not posting the link here because it was too horrid.

The rest of the world has come down hard on Iran over this case. And a few days ago, Iran buckled and suspended the death by stoning sentence, tho not the death sentence itself. Keep in mind,that although it was suspended, it hasn't been retracted. In fact, Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani's lawyer is not asking for anything less than the death penalty; he and his client are asking the courts to change the means of death to hanging.

Okay, after reading about this, I found out some very interesting things. Now, Ashtiani has always denied the adultery charge. Lets keep that in mind..And I found out her husband has been dead since 2004. Apparently he was murdered by some man and now that the Iranian courts have been forced to defend this stoning business, they are saying that Ashtiani actually killed her husband but that the judge didn't reprot that, because it was so brutal.

Give me a break.

How can anything this woman do be any more brutal than bashing in a head with a bunch of rocks?

This is an old, old thing, this stoning...even in the time of Jesus, this was a common practice..Remember Mary Magdalene? She was a prostitute who was about to be stoned when Jesus stepped in and said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Surprisingly, the only country that has made a concrete offer for the life of this woman is Brazil, who offered refuge to Ashtiani. Iran will take this as an offense toward their Allah and I'm sure the repercussions will be forthcoming.


After a bit more reading, what do I come upon?? A report about her husband's death..yes, he was murdered. Yes, his wife was accused..but lo and behold...she was found to be innocent..for shame, the judge was not being completely honest when he stated he was keeping Ashtiani's involvement in the murder under wraps so as to protect the public. shame on you.
Your Honor.


  1. It's hard to imagine how people can live like that. Under such (what seems to us) inhumane punishments.
    I can't even imagine such a thing.
    My niece is married to a Muslim. I know that when they first moved here to Canada (her back to Canada).. he was surprised (shocked) when I grabbed him and did my Italian cheek kisses. :P

    I suppose that for this poor woman, the only thing we can hope for is that she dies quickly and doesn't suffer. :(


  2. This is so sad.. Why do people in general have to be so cruel.. I hate people like this.. I have seen many Iranians here in WI and they are always wrapped from head to toe in black.. Just like in there country. I mean come on you are in a free world now. If someone did something here like that they would be in deep doo doo..lol.. Sad Sad SAD...

  3. Tweetey, it was reported on CNN news this morning that Ashtiani made a statement yesterday that she has yet to meet her attorney.

    This is atrocious, a real atrocity.


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