Monday, October 25, 2010

On the Uptake

Ever since my sister became ill, I've been lax about both writing here and reading all my favorite blogs. I don't know why; I sort of feel like an inflated bag thats been popped. I seem to want to only wrap myself in the basic, little mundane things in life, working, cleaning, sleeping, reading etc. But it's time to come out of it. Jeanne's doing fine and should even be dismissed from rehab within the next week or two. The only things we can see that have been affected is her ability to walk (she needs a walker because her physical strength has been zapped, but she is improving every day.) And her memory is somewhat slow. Outside of that, she is doing remarkably well and I thank God each and every morning.

And with that having been said, I will again be a regular at your blogs. You can count on that.


Phone conversation with my son tonight. Please note..HE PHONED ME!

Me: "Hello?"
Son: "Hi, mom. Whatcha doing.I mean, are you cooking dinner tonight?"
Me: "No, honey. We had sandwiches about an hour ago."
Son: "Oh. Okay. well I can't talk right now. I'm driving."
Love you. Bye."
Me: "love you too."



  1. We all get old, if we even manage to get old.

    And then we die, until then we just use up oxygen, food, destroy the planet and make turds.

    Your turds cost more to make than mine but what ever, I'd rather use my money on camping and boating.

  2. I've been AWOL for ages. Sorry about your sis and glad she's on the mend.

    Awwwww!!! You didn't cook his dinner!!! That's child abuse that is!!...;-)

  3. I am so happy she is going great.. And you need to get out of your slump.. but its hard after someone has been sick and you are worried about them.. Kids and there cell phones.. I hate talking and driving.. but glad he wanted to tell you that he loved you. That was sweet..

  4. Sounds like he might have been looking for dinner? (I'm judgmental--BAD character defect!), but he loves his mom. If you get an email address put up, I'll send you a poem I just wrote about Moms and sons...

    Glad your sister is improving, did not know about her illness or whatever it is. I am certain your loving care helped her through some of the rough times. (It's called 'life'?)

  5. Well, hello, steveroni! Yes, the boy likes to eat. :)

    I would be delighted to have you send me the poem. Now I need to figure out how to add my gmail address.

    My daughter is in the hospital now. One thing about life is that it keeps on happening. Which is a good thing, of course. I think. :)


    ok i'm ready for the mom poem!!

    (I've read some of your're good, my friend :) )


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