Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sisters

I have been gone for a little while, mostly because I just haven't been 'moved' to write anything due in large part to my desire to get my emotional feet on a strong foothold after going through the trauma of almost losing my sister. But I am feeling better now and so is she.

I talked to her about an hour ago. she sounded wonderful. I talk to her daily and today there seemed to be a marked improvement. I think I know why.

You would need to know Jeanne. Of the three of us girls, she was always the most rebellious. She still has that rebellious streak, much to my delight. She had heard someone she knows is also in the rehab so she, who now has trouble staying steady on her feet, sneaked down to her acquaintance's room to visit. Jeanne was happy to still have spunk . I asked her if she told anyone she was going there. She played dumb.

"I think i told someone. But maybe I forgot."

Yuh, right. You forgot. Sorta like when you were 14 and you 'forgot' mom didn't know you smoked, Jeanne. I still have a vivid memory of you sauntering into the backyard where mom and I were busy doing stuff.

"Hi momma." you said as you leaned against the clothes line pole and took a long drag off a cigarette. It took mom a few seconds to believe her eyes, less time for you to fling that cigarette and run like a bat out of hell around the side of the house, mom in hot pursuit. Whatever were you thinking, Jeanne? Did you think she was going to go inside to get you an ashtray?

You, the forever rebel, even in rehab.

Today Jeanne had therapy for her memory and her now limited small motor abilities. She played solitaire, not on the computer but with an honest to pete deck of cards. She's proud of herself, tho she said it was difficult to shuffle the cards. But she did it. I'm proud of her, too.

I like to call Jeanne the 'Oomph' sister. everything she does, everything she did as a kid, was done with a superb amount of 'Oomph.' A good example was the time as a kid she kicked her clogs off her feet. We've all done this with our footwear. However, with the additional Oomph, Jeanne's shoe went flying high into the air, hit the light fixture and broke it. No surprise. We all could have counted on that happening.

I've noticed another little thing about Jeanne since all this happened; She, who would complain whenever I or our other sister would let loose with a swear word, has developed a 'potty mouth.' Today, she dropped the phone while we were talking.

"Oh shit."

Wow, That took me a little aback. A few minutes later..
"Oh shit, I did it again."


"Jeanne, why are you swearing?"

"I keep dropping the fucking phone."

"Jean! You are swearing! I don't think I've ever heard you say the F word before!"

"Well, guess what? I've been a closet curser for years!" She said.

"Well, back atcha." I said, " Fucking A!!!!!"

We both laughed.

"I love you, Beej."

"I love you, too, Jean-A-Bean."

It was a good conversation.


I've been writing about my one sister but there are actually three of us and we are all equally as close to one another. I'll write about my other sister eventually. She's had the most interesting life of all of us.


  1. Good to "see" you back around the joint!!! Missed you xxooo

    I loved hearing about your sister, she cusses like I do it sounds like.....good on her (I don't trust people who don't swear at least a little bit)

    she sounds so good and I am so happy for her and for you she is making a solid recovery. You must be so relieved. Hang in there and I bet you are going to sleep like a rock this weekend with relief.

    sisters are the best!

  2. Yes sisters are the best! But also are those people who are like our brothers and our sisters..who phone just to make sure we are okay.

    I loved talking to you the other evening, Candy. THanks for being my friend.

  3. You are b-YOND 1 in a Million MIZZ BEEJ_A_LEEEEJ !!! Stay stong you 'lil Italiain Southern seeezster !!!


  4. missed you also.. glad to hear she is on the road to recovery.. Sending good vibes her way still to make sure she heals and you find out what was wrong..

  5. Aw Stagg, I needed to 'hear' something like that. You and your lovely wife always know exactly what to say.

    Tweetey, thanks, sweetheart. We are 80% sure what happened but are waiting for the results of a culture that is being 'harvested' right now at bethesda Hospital.

    Both of you...xoxoxo

  6. Oh! I forgot to add.. she asked for her makeup yesterday lol. Always a good sign, huh? :)


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