Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Day

Here it is after 5pm on my day off and I have accomplished NOTHING. In fact I did something I very rarely do; I stayed in my robe until mid afternoon. It was relaxing, of course, but I feel like I've wasted the entire day.

The doctor's visit; First, I lost six lbs in the past week which left me a bit bewildered because I've been eating like a horse, including a wonderful Thanksgiving day meal. But the doctor was amazed at how much better I looked even though he kept me on restricted work for another week. He gave me a refill for pain meds because my left arm is very sore and he told me my teeth, which still hurt, can take a few more weeks to 'settle.' After I left, I went right back to work.

We've been in the throes of a cold snap. I am not used to cold weather but
living in south Alabama, winter will come and go in a matter of weeks and then we should be blessed with another typically beautiful early Spring.

Right now, all is peaceful in our household. John is playing wii with our son and our daughter is making chicken fettuccini alfredo (my recipe, of course!)

Life is one big roller coaster.


  1. none of that early spring talk please and thank you...winter's just getting going in these parts and it promises to be a long one.

  2. Oh I'm sorry mister anchovy! But to make you feel a little better, let me tell you that it is just frigid outside this morning!

    i've been so negligent about getting to your blogs, my friends; my intentions are good but stuff just keeps happening around here and before I know it, I'm exhausted and ready for an early bedtime. But please know I do think of y'all a lot and plan on being a regular visitor once more very very soon.

  3. I am so happy to hear that you received such a good report from the Dr.!
    I'm sure that within a week or two your arm will be much better. :)
    Congrats on the weight loss btw! Isn't that wonderful when it happens without trying! :)

    Is you alfredo recipe on your blog anywhere? I need a good recipe for that!


  4. Roller coaster...I'd say. I just caught up with the last 6-8 posts of yours here. Obviously I have not had much computer time. I have a nifty new phone and also a neighbourhood cafe where I can check blogs again.

    I can not believe that your daughter was ill and hospitalized. I am so so so sorry. I hope she is doing better and from what I can gather of her cooking, she must be. Good!

    I also can not believe your fall...what a fright. Veruy scary indeed and humbling. It has snowed here this morning and all least a few inches with no sign of stopping. Ergh! but what can you do.

    Thank you so much for taking precious time from your challenges to stop by my blog and say howdy. Its good to be in contact with my internet friends...I can not explain how important your friendship is to me Beej...even if we only "see" each other here.


    Please get well. I now feel I must get Stagg and I down there to see you for real...I am working on it...looking for a car okay? I want to get a car and do a road trip to florida and right away Stagg said we have to go see Beej!!!

  5. Oh my, those Peeps are coming down to see you? Isn't that marvelous. I have done that--travel around and visit peeps. From Naples to Virginia. On my SCOOTER! Is is a spiritual venture.

    And it is wonderful news of your recoveries (you and your daughter, the cook!)

  6. hey woman.. hope you are better. i have been around reading but not commenting lately. just havent had the time.. i have more time today because jeff has the car.. I know about life and roller coasters.. Esp working 3rd shift.. I just woke up and using this time to wake up some..


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