Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Gift

This is what I've decided: Folks just have too much time on their hands. I came to this conclusion because I am, of late, just way too busy to fret over life's BIG questions or to worry about what other people are doing wrong.

Both of my kids have moved back home, which is fine. I work retail in a little bookstore which is in the tail end of a busy Christmas shopping frenzy. I am busy, way too busy, to do much else other than work, cook, shop for my own family and friends and keep this house running somewhat smoothly.

In all this I think I have stumbled upon a little truism about life; if you spend any serious amount of time fretting over much of anything, then you are not busy enough just living.

I fall into bed each night too exhausted to do as much as open a book to read a bit. And I fall into that bed really early, sometimes before 7pm.

Every now and then, life hands me a little reward, like yesterday. In fact it happened twice to me yesterday. First, our local tv weatherman, Vernon Connor (no relation to me), stopped in the store.

"Hey Beej,"he said. "Watch the 10 o'clock news tonight. I'm going to pull on my ear like Carol Burnett used to do, to give you a little greeting over the air."

Rest assured, I was deep into la-la land by 10pm, but I am confident that while I was asleep, Vernon Connor was tugging at his ear lobe. I missed it but I know thousands of folks witnessed it.

The other little reward truly touched my heart. An elderly gentleman approached me at the store.

"Can you do a favor for me?" he asked. "There's a little lady back in the kids' books section. She's pushing a stroller and has five other little kids with her..."

He reached out his hand and gave me five $20 bills.

"Can you give this to her and tell her Santa says Merry Christmas?"

"Of course I can." and off I went.

She wasn't difficult to find. Pregnant and pushing a stroller, she was surrounded by five other little ones. They were all extraordinarily well behaved. I gave her 'Santa's' message and she protested. I assured her the gentleman had left the store and she meekly took the cash. she was, of course, unbelievably touched.

Of course, she was touched, but so was I. It was a gift for me, too, to witness this.

This is Christmas. This is the spirit that was intended. This is the selfless thought behind the gesture of giving, the gesture of caring, the many gestures of loving.

Yes, I believe there is a Santa after all.


  1. Hey, what a sweet guy. Santa appears when you least expect him, doesn't he?

  2. What a great story! It's too bad that things like that usually only happen at Christmas. Still, what a wonderful gesture. :)

    I'm tired too bitch. ;p
    If my kids would go to bed at 7pm, you know I'd be there as well.
    And I agree! Some people have way too much time on their hands. Worrying about what everyone else is doing wrong is just SAD. Get a life I say!
    Sheesh! I'm a snarky one today, aren't I???? ;p


  3. At this point, this moment in my life, your Santa story, Weatherman story, Sinatra song combine to give me a beautiful, needed Christmas present! Thank you, and thanks for visit.

    Wish I knew how to go to bed at 7 PM...(fear of missing something?).

  4. I have tears rolling down my cheeks from this story.. Its sad to know you have that many kids and a nice person hands out money not even knowing you.. I wish there were more Santas out there like that.. I have been amiss again. sorry.. I love visiting but working 3 rd shift gets in my way.. lol.. I have three whole days now.. Well I go back Sunday night but still..

  5. I'm glad my story touched y'all. Merry Christmas, my dear friends.


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