Friday, January 21, 2011


Guys, I got all the emails and read all the posts here (Stagg and Candy, I love you and will be writing to you this weekend.))I have recently recovered from walking pnuemonia and I know life is heading toward an even keel when I've begun to start thinking about topics for this blog again!

Thank you all for sticking with me. It's been one hell of a last few months but you can't keep me down for long! :)



  1. Awww, thanks, mister anchovy!

  2. Oh my goodness woman..Yikes.. Sorry to hear you were sick.. Hugs my friend.. We are dealing with really cold temps up here up North and I have been trying to keep from getting sick myself.. Hubby got something about a month ago and I have been trying to fight off what ever he had.. I dont want it..

  3. How is the male doing since his mate is gone?? I keep reading and rereading about poor Lucky.. I finally showed Jeff her photo tonight. He asked me how much they cost.. Yikes.. do they survive up here in the north..

  4. tweetey, he is not doing well but I've noticed a slight improvement within the last week. He seems to either be mourning/confused, or perhaps he has 'caught' whatever killed her. I don't know.

    For a long time, babies were around $100. And I mean babies; these two were about an inch long when we got them. Lately..the last year or so, the price dropped to about half that amount.

    They do survive up north because they don't go outside. They stay in a big tank with a heat lamp over them and a heat rock in their tank.

    They make wonderful pets. This species of lizard is very calm and rather slow moving and they bond with their owners.


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