Thursday, June 2, 2011

Turtles By My Toes

Who was it who said, "I'm back!!!"? I think it was Jack Nicholson in that horror film, whatzitsname..Anyway, good, bad or indifferent, I AM BACK!!

My blog will henceforth be known as LIZARD IN MY SHOE, TURTLE BY MY TOE. And this is why...first, I have been a busy little mama..planning a wedding, work hours increased, trying to read through a six volume series of books, trying to get enough sleep on which to function with any sort of accomplishment. Lotsa, lotsa stuff going on. But in the mornings, at the crack of dawn, I relax outside with a cup of coffee, a few slices of tomato and a bunch of wild turtles.

It started with a drought, a deep long, thirsty, earth cracking, grass killing drought. We noticed a box turtle lopping along, looking for a drink. We got out the hose, held it up to his beak and lo and behold, he drank. A lot. After a couple of days a second turtle showed up and we helped him quench his thirst, too. Then I, forever the mama to the world, decided they were hungry. i started with chunk of cantelope. He cautiously eyed it but hunger won out and he stretched his neck and took a bite of it from my fingers. That was the last of the melon so I switched to tomatoes; the little guy was in ecstasy. He mauwed that mater.

Okay, now here's the thing...he must have been able to communicate to his turtle homeboys because I now have four wild turtles crawling up my patio and to my green wicker rocker where I sit, tomato slices in a dish on my lap. They take turns stretching necks and eating out of my hand. Proof?? Photos, of course!

And last, my grass is not faring well but my plants are loving it!


  1. Who knew turtles were vegetarians? I love that they told their friends.

  2. Oh they are wonderful little creatures.. we went for a hike on Monday for memorial day and i have a few photo's that need posting yet and forgot when i did my post for today. I will try tomorrow..

  3. Fantastic pictures! Those turtles are so so cute!!!! Precious!!!

    We tried phoning you as we drove past / near Dothan, I believed I talked and left a message with your husband.

    It's good to see you back blogging my dear one!

  4. In The Shining after Jack Nicholson hacked his way through a door, he said: "Here's Johnny!" The movie you're thinking of is Poltergeist where five-year-old Carol Anne informed her parents "They're ba-ack."

    Be careful; turtles make no distinction between the shrimp and the finger that's holding the shrimp.


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