Sunday, June 6, 2010


Casting directors are sending actresses into a panic; no more parts to those who have had plastic surgery. They are unable to show emotional expressions on their faces. The average film goer cannot relate to a 60 year old woman who looks 19.

Well, golly gee. When did your bright light go off? Did it happen when Jessica Simpson posed with no makeup and allowed no air brushing for her cover shoot for Marie Claire magazine?

Or did you decide natural was better after Brazilian catwalk model, Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to death for her career?



Recently, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb surprised the audience by showing up to host the Today show without a drop of makeup on. Madonna also released a photo of herself prior to airbrushing, even tho she has had a face lift and botox treatment. They all looked their ages. And they are were gorgeous.

And what about Heidi Montag? This lovely young lady had 10 surgical procedures at one fell swoop.


At 23, what reason would she have to do this?

I don't really care who has what treatment or how much money anyone pays to look (sometimes ridiculously) young. What I do care about is that our daughters..and lets face it, we moms...look at these perfect featured, prefect figured celebrities and we sort of become brainwashed into believing that we do not measure up if we aren't as perfect as they are. You can't tell me this isn't what Montag was thinking!

But hopefully, Hollywood..London..Paris.. is waking up and realizing that we are all beautiful in our own way. We don't benefit by having artificially sculpted faces and figures to whom we must compare ourselves. And maybe the next generation of young females can proceed through life without starving themselves or feeling less than adequate.


  1. btw, Ana Carolina Reston's 19 year old sister died of starvation too, about a year after Ana Carolina's death. It makes me wonder what's going on there, because one would think the younger sister would have learned a lesson from the other sister's death.

    It was Ana Carolina Reston's death that made the Parisian fashion world refuse to use catwalk models who have under a certain BMI.

  2. Just horrible. :(
    I suppose as women, we all have times that we feel like we don't "measure up" as you say.
    Personally, I think that someone like Diane Keaton, looks SO much better and more beautiful than someone like.. Ivan Trump or Joan Rivers.

    Nobody wants to be fat or old looking. No one. I think that a woman that takes good care of herself and her appearance and ages gracefully, is by far, much more attractive.

    That's just my opinion. :)


  3. I can't stand fancy women, give me a country gal any day.

  4. makes sense to me the two sisters had eating disorders. Starving hekps ward off growing up and not being daddy's little girl... a despearate attempt at control in a situation where control is emulated...I suspect. You don't hear too many stories of poor girls with anorexia...its a rich kids obsession for the most part. The family dynamic for sure.

    I am firly tolerant about all the elective surgeries people have...all around the world people push the limits with their bodies...women have botox and surgery so they can have sex...I don't blame them. Many men want women who are "younger" looking i can understand why a woman would have elective surgery.

    In other countires...we see bones added to lips, and necks extended by rings of metal, or feet binding. the U.S. practices male genital mutilations...

    We can observe all levels of human practice of altering and amplifying our bodies to fit into ideals of beuaty or sexual attractiveness...we are such a funny animal!


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