Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lion King; from Rags to Riches

Bolivian courts recently ruled it illegal for circuses in that country to hold hostage any performing animals. As a result, four lions were releaeed into a natural setting refuge center run by PAWS (Performing Animals Welfare Society.)

These lions had been living in rusted cages hauled about in the back of a truck. They had never in their lives felt grass under their feet.

Each time I watch these videos, I cry. I cry from the joy of seeing this happen and from the sadness of knowing there are so many other performing animals who are yet to be rescued.


  1. I'm not sure that releasing critters that don't really know how to hunt on their own is a good idea. But I suppose that PAWS is going to feed them for the rest of their lives so the only real difference is that they will have grass under their feet.

    But nothing wrong with some grass under your feet, or beach sand. And free meals, ya can't beat that.

  2. Yes, they are taken care of for the rest of their life. No worries, no cares, just romp and play and feel the wind. Bless their hearts and bless Bob Barker for financially backing this endeavor.

  3. this is sad. I had tears rolling. thankfully Jeff is at work..LOL.. You know we take the girls to the Circus and it has crossed my mind how much outside time they get.. The cages they are brought in with are the ones they travel in..The cages dont look old but still.. I am not against going to the circus because there is more than the animals to me for a circus.. its the other entertainers.. that is great of Bob to back this up.. glad he could help. Is he still alive since he quit hosting Prices Is Right?? I quit watching it after Drew Carey took over.

  4. Yep he's still alive. He and his wife Dorothy, deceased now for a long time, devoted their lives to animal advocacy so this didn't surprise me.

    We took our kids to the circus too, Tweetey. Most people do. But I don't think I would go now. I couldn't bear it after seeing these videos.

  5. Cool thing to have groups out there to help Candy Minx's furry n' fuzzy friends of the wild kind.


  6. Hi Stagg!!! Absolutely and without hestitation, any friend of Candy Minx is a friend of mine!!
    xoxoxo to you both.


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