Thursday, March 18, 2010

All the Birdies go 'Tweet Tweet Tweet..'

I've been restless the last few days and I think it might be because of the time change. I awoke the other morning feeling this way. Dissatisfied. But with what? With whom? I have no idea.

I wrote the previous post, a letter to my mom. It helped my mood. Am I just tired? Am I not leaving enough time to myself, for myself? I find myself stretching my energy to the outer limits at times, doing what has to be done, worrying about what I can't change.

I decided to branch out online. A friend told another friend that they 'found' me on twitter. I joined twitter a few months back but after receiving a bunch of emails telling me people whom I have never knew existed were 'following' me, I backed off from it because I found this to be a bit unnerving. Why would strangers want to follow me? But after hearing that this friend wanted me to 'tweet' them, I went over there last night.

I discovered that I was following 22 people. Huh? I never said anywhere that I wanted to follow any of them. Most were celebrities whom I don't care one whit for or about. There was that one friend and I 'tweeted' him. (Or at least I think I did..)

I decided I really don't care for this twitter business. I'm still there, but I don't understand.

Apparently I can 'retweet.' From what I gather at a glance, retweet is when someone says something that I consider so interesting that I believe it should be repeated. So far, I have seen nothing I wanted to hear the first time, much less again and again.

I might go over to Twitter again today and see if there's something I'm missing, something so amusing that I will become convinced that I must 'retweet.' If that doesn't happen, I'll just stick with my 'next blog' button.


  1. I've never been interested in twitter or facebook or any other medians on the internut than my blogs. I say pick something and stick with it.

    The time change isn't very disruptive to me cuz I come and go and do as I please anyway, but it does irritate me that we have to go through that bullshit twice a year. If I ran this country it would have gotten moved a half hour ahead and then dropped, never to be changed again.

    There are 36.5 million U.S. residents with Irish roots. This number is almost nine times the population of Ireland itself (more than four million).

    Being a mutt, I'm part Irish. I was sitting a bar years ago with an Irish friend that just out of the blue proposed to me. I don't know what in the hell got into her mind. :-)

  2. I thought twitter was sooo stupid... until I gave it an honest try b/c several blog friends were using it. I'm so addicted now! I had thought that it was just leaving an update about what you were doing, which sounded pointless. But it's actually like a big ongoing conversation. And if you know the people you follow it's fun. I'm 3xy_1xx if you want to find me :-)

  3. I don't have time to sit around and tweet all day. I keep others up to date with my blogs.

  4. Some folks have twitter, facebook and myspace and blogs and any number of other things like that. How in the hell do they find time for all that?

    Well, maybe they don't go camping and things like that. Many do those things from work, so much for American production, good thing everything is made in China or other counties now.

  5. There are readers that have followed my blogs for years and have never said a word. As if I'm being studied, or they simply find me interesting.

  6. Lady, I am following you now over there. I'm beejr. Im not sure how to send you a 'tweet' yet so if you dont hear from me, that's why lol

    Billy, I try to stick just with my blog and with my bookclub.
    I am a first generation Italian, so my loyalties lie there. Today is St Anthony's day. I'll make a pasta dish for dinner :)

  7. I'm pretty addicted to Twitter. I think Twitter and Facebook are kind of killing blogs, but I can't help it. I love Twitter.

    @Jayman3768 ;-)

  8. Okay, Jay! I'm heading over there to 'follow' you, too! Thanks!

  9. You twits have fun twitting, ha ha ha ha

    Our ancestors should have stayed in their own countries and fixed them instead of coming here and being terrorists. :-)

    Everyone claims to love their 'home country', but I don't see them returning.

  10. I dont do twitter. I do have myspace, i barely use that and i have FB and here and my Etsy account... I have more than enough things on the internet to do... e-mail me if you want my FB page. I uploaded like four new vids of the girls in the last two days...

  11. Twitter is a total mystery to me. Have fun, though.

  12. Some people don't have time to sit around and tweet all day because they are too busy barking at people in novel-length comments multiple times on people's blogs. LOL!!!!

  13. Some people don't have time to sit around and tweet all day because they are too busy barking at people in novel-length comments multiple times on people's blogs. LOL!!!!

  14. Tweetey and Mr Anchovy, I went over to twitter last night and its making more sense to me. I 'tweeted' a couple nice people and it was FUN!

    Anonymous, I read your posts and almost spit coffee all over my keyboard! hahahaha!!


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