Saturday, March 20, 2010

Presentation and the PB&J

Lately I've been looking at a lot of cookbooks while I'm fucking off working at the bookstore. Why am I doing this? Do I think I'm going to run across some culinary masterpiece that's going to cause me to become a legend in my family a few generations from now? I pour through these books, looking for something that doesn't take a ton of obscure little ingredients, something that LOOKS PRETTY!

I'm beginning to think that I don't care how it tastes, that it doesn't matter if my family screws up their noses in absolute disgust. Presentation is ALL. Presentation is GOD.

I've made some wonderful dinners through the years. And I've made some real pieces of shit flops. Take the dolmades for instance; Those were real pretty. They were inedible, but they looked good. So who cares if they tasted like crap. Not I..I'm just as happy with a PB&J.

I need to go get ready to fuck off work at the bookstore right now. Maybe I'll find a new recipe that will visually knock your socks off. Or maybe I'll come home tonight, put on my flannel jammies and make a PB&J.

Sayonara, see ya latah.


  1. I hope those aren't Sandra Lee's cookbooks you're looking at. She makes some of the most vile looking stuff ever.

    Nothing is better than a PB&J sandwich though. I know several people who have one every night right before bed. Good comfort food. ;-)

  2. I had beef roast tonight and my youngest went to bed hungry because she refused to eat.. i told her either or bed and she chose bed... it doestn happen often but when it does i dont screw around.. she wont eat pb&J's either.. i think she is allergic to the PB..anyway enjoy what every you decide.. Flannel jammies I want a set... actually I want a set of flannel sheets...LOL...

  3. Hey Jay, nah, mostly I've been looking at these obscure chefs who are known well enough in their field but who havent succumbed to the tv show trap.

    Tweetey, can I have her portion of the roast?? LOL!


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