Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Castle.

"We're going to an all night party at Paul's house."

This simple comment made me do a happy dance. Yay! No kids, no caravan of kids' friends! The house will be mine again for an entire night!! Wow! I try to not show my joy. I'm afraid if its too apparent they might wonder what I'm up to and change their plans.

"Oh okay."

"I'm taking Sophie (my daughter's min-pin 'batdog') with us."

Oh, faster, more exuberant happy dance!

"Oh, okay. When are y'all leaving?"

"Well, we want to go get something to eat so we're leaving now."

"Oh okay." (Yippee I kay yeee!! Joy oh joyous day!!!)

So, my son, son's girlfriend/fiancee, my daughter and their large caravan of friends leave. And I am so delighted, so hopelessly and joyfully happy. I look around. I plan how I'm going to spend my evening, my quiet, undisturbed, peaceful evening. I envision bubble bath, book, a half a glass of wine, and a couple other real nice activities, sans kids. (even tho 'kids' are young adults.)

I sit outside and listen to the soft sound of nature. No music blasting, no arguments, no slamming refrigerator doors. Heaven. For about 30 minutes.

They all traipse back in.

I want to scream, "What the hell are you doing here?!?" But I'm mom, so I restrain myself.

"I thought you were gone."

My son's girlfriend/ fiancee smiles at me. "We're back."

"What about your party?"

"It doesn't start until 9pm."

"Isn't it 9 now?"

"No, its only 6."


"No nonono. Your watch is wrong, It almost nine. You need to leave NOW." I grab my son's arm and try to pull him off the sofa.

"Ma! It's all good! "says my boy. "We're going to play wii."

"You can't!"


"Um, I think it's broken."

My daughter turns on the wii. It works fine."

"Ma why don't you want us to play with the wii."

Okay, I am done with this game. This is my house, after all. I need to be straight forward and stand up for myself. No excuses. No lame lies. No fear of ruffled feathers.,,

"Get out of my house NOW."

They all look at me, stunned.

They all get up and leave.

"Bye mom."

Bye Shannon. Have fun. And lock the door behind you."


  1. Didn't let the kids have parties at my home. I didn't even have parties at my home. I liked my home nice and peaceful and quite.

    But when younger I enjoyed a good party, as long as it was somewhere else. :-)

  2. Billy, we are of the same mind. My home is my sanctuary.


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