Monday, April 26, 2010

Fishie Fishie In The Brook

This is the beach we will be living near. I don't fish but it's still a thrill to watch this young man's determination.

And just so you know, I read this fish was tagged and released back into the ocean.


  1. oh you are so lucky! I would give anything to live near a beach. I'm so landlocked it's insane.

  2. I love it there. I have stood on that beach and watched rockets launch. Its a thrill. We live just north of Panama Beach but that is so commercialized that it's ridiculous.

    The last time we were there, we watched the manatees play. I am excited and hope this move goes smoothly. We are doing things around the house...just prepare it to go on the market.

    We have hoped to move there for a very long time. As I said, my family is there.

  3. wow, I just watched that video for the third time. What a fish! The guy who roped its tail deserves praise too.
    Amazing...that's an 11 foot hammerhead shark!

  4. Oh my! I'd just love to live near the beach like that. Lucky you! :)

    I'm not exactly sure how I got here...Oh yeah! From Four Diners blog! Sheesh, I've been reading in here for so long, I almost forgot!

    Love your blog! I read right to the bottom of this page. :)
    Let me just say, I used to despise Kate Gosslin (I know this is off topic of this particular post, sorry!).. but my opinion of her has changed so much.
    Don't get me wrong. I could never, "hang with her" or anything but, I have a lot of respect for her now. It must be incredibly difficult for her.

    Anyhoo.. I'll move along. But I'll be back. I signed on as a Follower and I'll put your blog on my sidebar so I can pop in from time to time.
    Hope that's okay! :)

    Take care, have a lovely day.


  5. Hi Sunshine! Any friend pof four D's is a friend of mine! Thank you for adding me and I am going to add you, too!

    I can see why folks feel the way they do about her but I think she gets way way too much flack. Jon lost me with all his young 'babes.' the man needs to get off his butt and keep other parts firmly (no pun intended!) in his pants.

    I love the beach. It fills me with awe.

  6. Hi beej that looked cool. I have never been to a beach front like that.I would love to live on the beach like that...

  7. Hey Tweetey, we have always livd within close proximity to the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, but we won't be living beachfront, trust me. Those houses are more than we can afford, for sure! The town is right on the ocean so it'll be close enough, tho.

    I can't imagine never being to the ocean. You would be amazed, just amazed!


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