Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kate Gosselin

Everywhere I look there are those celeb gossip mags and over the last month or so Kate Gosselin has been on the cover of every one of them. Turn on the tv, and there she is. Every where you look there is Kate, sometimes with her kids, sometimes not.

In case you don't know who Kate Gosselin is, she is the Kate of Jon and Kate plus Eight fame, the lady who had twins and then gave birth to six adorable babies. Kate is Caucasian and Jon is half Korean and a mixture of French and whatever else. It made for some gorgeous kids:

I watched this show faithfully since it began and the kids were babies. I remember when Kate gave birth to the sextuplets. And I loved the family. Kate was the main caregiver; she was always so organized. Jon, on the other hand, seemed to drift in and out of the caregiving business, leaving Kate to take up the slack. She was often harsh with her husband and received a lotta criticism for the way she spoke to him.

I've raised kids. Two of them. I can't imagine what it would be like to raise eight, six of them the same age! I did a good job, too, kept an immaculate house, was involved in school doings, church, the gym and kids' sports. I cooked nightly and baked a lot. I had no family around so we operated in self sufficiency mode.

Kate received a ton of guff for harping on Jon so much but as I watched this show, I thought to myself, "Jon, get off your ass and help her!" I would have nagged him, too. It was just too much for one person.

Eventually Jon and Kate split, she focused on the kids and he turned playboy. She wrote books, went on various tv shows, did what she had to do to support those kids. What is he doing now? He is sleeping on his brother's sofa and trying to get custody of the brood, claiming Kate is away from the kids too much.

This guy is a moron. And I'm so sick of reading where Kate is a bad mom, a bad wife, a bad person. I admire this lady!

Kate, I doubt you'll read this but if you do wander upon it, let me tell you, you are doing an amazing job. You're a beautiful, charming efficient lady.

Keep up the good work.


  1. Yeah!! I'm a Kate fan, too. We are in a small minority, huh? Glad to read your post!

  2. Michael, I'm glad to have you visit my blog! Thank you!

    I think we ARE in a minority with this. But I honestly admire Kate. She has asked nobody for anything and works hard to support those kids. Jon on the other hand seems to be more concerned with what young girl he can pick up next.

    Please come back often to visit my blog, okay?

  3. I agree completely, Beej. It took guts for her to go on that Dancing show and give the world a chance to mock her some more. I hope she got paid plenty for it. And what's this I've been reading that the poor woman has been a little short of male companionship for a while now? What's wrong with this country??? : )

  4. Kate Gosselin has been on the cover of every one of them.

    Kate who? I don't look at mags like that and I don't watch TV except for movies.

    I wonder what she'll be like in another ten years though, time changes people, um, generally speaking.

  5. my daughter and I had a long telephone conversation about Kate.

    I watched the show too...every episode I was completely fascinated. I really liked their chemistry in general...I believe that Jon and Kate really suited each other by giving each other what the other was missing. Yes...Jon really needed to help out more and become more involved with careging...BUT Kate needed to learn to let room for the fairies to live in their house. She is a very organized perrson and I loved how she had lunches and snacks always pre-packed and organized...but there wwere telling signs about her...

    she could not bear to have any kind of a mess around. she couldn't handle the kids taking art lessons or having any kind of mess. I believe she was badly in need of balance every bot as much as Jon was ...he needed to have more hands on and ambition...and she needed to learn how to let go and not be bossy and anal retentive.

    i really really enjoyed watch kate on DWTS even though...i also wanted her voted off because she couldn't dance. I found it amazing that someone never knew how to dance their whole life...sometimes I would reallly gggle and squirm watching her practice. She had the same attitude and bossy manner with her dance was interesting.

    i believe if kate can learn to relax,,,and listen to others she might have a well-adjusted life. I believe she DOES need to spend more time with her kids...that is if half of the tabloids are true. i couldn't understand why she left the kids behind to be on the dance show...i felt they should have had a tutor and joined her.

    but what do I know...she is an interesting person and i was veyr sad when they broke up.

    I also think there is so much sexism surrounding motherhood in this continent. Kate is the bad mother...and that is the worse insult US has for a woman...the tabloids do it with the poor flaky hippie mum "octomum" and I saw her on oprah and she seems like a pretty good mum. (her worse crime is to be a single mum!!! according to the media)

    Kate is a pretty good mum too and has been treated poorly by the media and court of public opinion...most mothers get such a bad rap!

  6. Isnt she the one that wore her dress backwards to the awards just recently?? Just wondering if i am on the same topic..LOL.. I have been lost lately.. just plain lost in life.. Well i have to go to bed. Take care and hugs. PS I heard about this but dont have cable and usualy dont watch reality shows.. Any of them...

  7. She wore her dress backwards???? Hahahahaa! That is Kate!


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