Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Studio 54

In a post a few days back I mentioned that I went to Studio 54. Several of you wondered what it was like. In one word... AMAZING.

I didn't go during the 70's when it was at its most popular. i went in the mid 80's. I didn't even know if we would get in because they hand picked lucky folks who waited outside the front door.

I remember there was a large crowd, everyone hoping to get picked so I was delighted when the muscular bouncer pointed at me and said "You. And your friends." Ohhhh yeahhhh!

We were all dressed up in our party clothes, mine a long, wide sleeved, low cut lame gold top over some tight tight Jordache jeans. That was the 'cool' style' back then. The closest I could find to give you an idea would be this, but tucked in at the waist and with long sleeves:

Today I would be laughed at but back then it was considered sexy to the Nth degree. Trust me on that.

There were little bars scattered here and there. The bartenders all looked like Chippendale dancers, the most gorgeous young men I have ever seen, shirtless wih a white collar and black bow tie, white cuffs at their wrists. The bars were semi circular and brightly lit.

We got to the dance floor. This was truly an old Studio, complete with cement bleachers facing a rather small dance floor. There were balconies surrounding the sides and one of them held a very special guest that night. You might have heard of him. His name is Mick Jagger.

Waiters dressed identical to the bartenders took our drink orders. As we waited for our drinks, I glanced to the left...there were folks sitting there cutting cocaine on a tray. To the right, same thing. in fact, there were drugs everywhere.

Directly behind the stage was a screen. It showed the dancers close up. I wasnt there very long when this guy asked me to dance and off I took, under brilliant, flashing lights, switching over to black lights, switching again to disco rainbow lights rotating around the floor. To each side was a bulky short cannon shooting off sponge pink hearts into the dancers. (I still have a few of those.)

The bathrooms were a real trip...black walls, cut crystal designs embedded into them. a real cloak lady who charged me a quarter for a pin because the top button of my blouse kept coming undone, and then asked me if she could please fasten it for me. (I told her 'NO!")

I cant remember what time the place closed, but I do remember that the sun was rising. I had danced and danced and danced...my ultimate dream evening.

Now, I must tell you, I loved going to NYC to dance and tho I will always treasure the time I spent at Studio 54, it wasn't the only place where I have gone. I also would go to Danceteria, (Madonnas hangout back then, and yes, I've seen her on stage there.)

But my all time favorite NYC hangout was The Ritz. Man, that place rocked.
(I saw Billy Idol perform there one time.)

Here is a clip I found on Youtube of Kiss performing at the Ritz:

It was a fun life. Yeas it was...


  1. I once went to a Boxcar Willie gig, but not in a big town, a little one, it was nice.

  2. Geez, I'd love to see Boxcar Willie, BBC.

  3. Wow. I wish I could have seen that place. Thanks for sharing it. I can totally picture your gold shirt in my mind... it's probably "in" again, LOL! Too bad you don't still have it.

  4. I never got to go to Studio 54 or anything like that. But, I did see the movie "54" it was pretty good. ;-)

  5. I never saw the movie. I probably should.

  6. Wow, thats awesome.

    We might have been dancing in NY at the same time! I was always in Ny going to nightclubs. The ones I frequented were Mudd Clubb, Area, Danceteria, Pyramid, CBGB, who knws maybe we saw each other...

    I am very glad I got to see Ny in the 80's...it sure has changed in many ways...although i don't miss the scary aspects lol

  7. Candy did you see Madonna? She was at danceteria ALL THE TIME!


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