Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Your Average Moisturizer

So I'm at Walmart to pick up one of those fancy-dance sonicare electric toothbrushes to replace the one that just died when I walk past this elderly, white haired little lady who was handing out samples of somethingorother. She stopped me.

"Would you like a sample?" she asks, as she hands me a little bottle and a coupon.

"Sure." I absentmindedly say, still glancing over her head at the shelf behind, where I spotted the fancy-dance electric toothbrushes.

"What is it?" I unscrew the top.

"Moisturizing gel honey."

I noticed the sonicare box on the shelf as I rub the gel on my hands and on the sides of my cheeks.

This stuff was unbearably sticky and i look at the lady whose jaw has dropped.

'Good lord, that's sticky!" i said and plopped the little bottle in my purse and took off to get what I came for to begin with.

I pay, drive home and go into my bathroom to charge the sonicare. And while I'm in there, I take the little bottle out of my purse to set on the closet shelf.

Then I glance at the label.


Oh my god! I would have cried had I not begun to laugh so hard. I had just stood in the center of Walmart and rubbed KY (female lubricant) gel all over my face..

Boy, did I feel stupid.


  1. One more reason for not shopping at Walmart.

  2. Haha! She couldn't have just said "lube" and saved you the trouble? LOL

  3. That is why I avoid those little stands as much as possible..LOL.. I like Walmart because in many ways they are giving us Americans Jobs.. Something that is highly short of esp here in Green Bay WI...

  4. You are clearly ideally suited to Walmart....;-)

  5. Ok Beej.. where is the new post.. Anything is fine.. but lets get on to the next subject...LOL.. Tell us about Florida and the place you are moving to if you are moving!!!! We need information...

  6. tweetey, I have been negligent, haven't I? I'm sorry. I've been weeding my emotional garden is all. Life is becoming calm and wonderful. Yes, we are going to move. We have a lot to do around the house before we put it on the market.

    I'll write a new post later today.


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