Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'd Love To Turn You On.

Who says chicken scratch isn't worth much? This one is expected to bring in between $700,000 and $1.2 million. It is the handwritten lyrics to A Day In The Life by John Lennon.

What's particularly interesting about this is that it was banned in England, when it first was released in 1967, because of one line that was basically added as an afterthought; that line is:

"I would love to turn you on."

The hand written lyrics will go to auction in NYC sometime in June. Some lucky person with enough resources to come up with the winning bid, will walk away with it and I'm sure, over a decade or two, will reap more profit from this investment to provide a handsome retirement for all his children and grandchildren.

I'm not sure John would like that. I've read many a biography of the man and he scorned that sort of thing..unless, of course, it was his pockets being lined in gold.

But, nonetheless, it will be sold. I hope there's some middle-aged ex- 1960ish Beatlemaniac, preferably a female who spent her early teens screaming her heart out over the mop top four, who walks away with it.




  1. That line is one of the coolest sentences in all of music history.

  2. You know, Mrs. D, he was such a genius and so troubled. There's a new label for a certain depression, called 'Van Gogh Depression' that deals with folks like him, folks who have a gift but get so screwed up because they know their talent leaves people perplexed.

    It isnt a surprise that I love both Lennon and Van Gogh. I think they would have been great friends had they been contemporaries.

  3. This is great...i can't imagine the song with out that particular line. I agree with Mrs D. it is one of the great lines in music..

  4. p.s. I did not know about that label "Van gogh depression" recently watched the movie "Lust For Life"...excellent!

  5. Oh developed a meaning all of its own, didn't it?

  6. I didn't get much into the Beatles music but it's not their fault, my busy and troubled mind has always been too busy to get into much music. I did like A Hard Days Night back in the day.

    I listen to music sometimes, and sing some karaoke, and go listen to live music at the Eagles at times and watch the monkeys dance.

    I wish I had a monkey to dance with.

    I think that Lennon smoked too much pot.

  7. Beej, You know what that sounds like a song off the Doors... We have the movie and they couldnt sing Light My Fire on national TV on the movie because of the lyrics Light My Fire...LOL.. So who ever wins this will more than likely be in good shape and doesntn need a retirement plan after this... Or doesnt need one before hand to spend that kind of money on one piece of music... I am slightly jealous. i want that kind of money.. but dont we all sometime in out lives..

  8. I really love John Lennon. I can remember seeing a clip of him on Ed Sullivan I think. The Beatles were singing "Twist & Shout" and he had his legs apart and he was bopping up and down ever so slightly....
    Very hot... :P



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