Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Beautiful Day

Happy Mother's day t0 all the mommies! I had a great day; I spent the early part of the morning reading a really good book (The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.)

I've had a delightful run of reading some wonderful novels lately. I just finished Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese. If you love books and haven't read this, run, RUN! and get it. It'll set you back on your heels. This is what good fiction is all about.

But this post isn't about books. It won't hold any reviews. What it is about is the rest of my day. We drove up to Lake Eufaula (Eufaula, btw, is where Harper Lee's sister lives.) This little town is a throw back to the Victorian era with the most beautiful houses from that day, true Southern architecture:

This is the Foy-Beasley-Hamilton house:

This is Fendall Hall, an Italian style house filled with lovely painted murals:

the Sparks-Bennett mansion. This is a Classical Revival style house, known for its wealth of European chandeliers and gorgeous plaster molding.

And last, but certainly not least, the Pièce de Résistance, the Shorter Mansion, a Greek Revival style home:

This house is the kingpin of the Eufaula Mansions and I am including a link to its history.

These homes line both sides of North Eufaula Avenue, a lush green grass median running down the center of the rather narrow avenue.

But even THAT was not what this blog is about.

It's about the lake. We spent this Mother's Day at Lake Eufaula, just north of the avenue of mansions. This waterway covers a whopping 45,181 acres! We stopped at a resort for a wonderful buffet lunch and then walked by the lake. Here is the southern end of it, complete with islands:

And a little further down the way, we came upon these fellows. Yup, alligators. about a dozen of them. Sorry I couldn't get closer to them, folks. Even though I love this sort of animal, I was not about to take a chance by getting any closer! These critters can move fast! (But remember, you can double click on them to get a bigger view..)

I was so glad I remembered my camera. Usually I forget to bring it along but this trip, I forgot my cell phone instead.

We got home and I took a long long nap. What a great day!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day, complete with alligators!

  2. The daddy alligator wasn't around. He's a reported 15 feet long!

    One time John was there and some northerners were just agog over the alligators. One guy figured he's like to pet one and John had to pull him back before the guy lost an arm.

    I should write something about our wildlife and tourists' reactions. Especially stuff like when the sand dollars and starfish come to shallow shores to breed. Thank God, there are very strict and enforced laws protecting them..

  3. What a great day!
    I loved looking at the pictures of all the houses. I just love all those big ol Southern Mansions. *sigh*

    Oooooo! Those little gators are so cute. Far away.. and in a picture. :P

    Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this post. :)


  4. Laura, aren't those houses something else? It just makes the past come alive.

    LOL little gators...Those particular ones were about 6 feet long each. But they are cute, aren't they? Can you imagine the daddy at 15 feet?? Whew!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed this post. It was fun to write, too.

  5. Oh another thing..I wish I could've captured the beauty and texture of their hides. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. the houses in the are very beautiful.....
    realy i love these houses.


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