Thursday, May 6, 2010

Robert Mitchum Started It.

I was browsing through random blogs last week and came upon one that was pretty much dedicated solely to Robert Mitchum. Now I know about Robert Mitchum because my mom had a huge crush on him. I never understood that because, to my young eyes, he looked like a weasel. She would tell me that he was the original bad boy. (so THAT'S where I got my love for bad boys!)

Okay, now people can write about whatever they want, that's a given, but the amazing thing to me was that this blog has 234 followers!!! Are there really that many folks who even know who Robert Mitchum was much less want to read about him daily???

I figured there must be more to the man than i am aware of. So I read through her entire blog.

I realized it was not just about Mitchum; there were entries on Norma Shearer, Ernest Borgnine, Kirk Douglas. in fact, I might have wandered in there during a Robert Mitchum Week sort of thingy. But it seems he is the main star of this blog.

Well, I get this idea; if there's a blog dedicated for the most part to Robert Mitchum, there must be other blogs focusing on more weird celebrities say, like Pee Wee Herman. Sure enough, I find this.

How about Rudy Vallee? Yup.

Betty Boop? Uh huh, yessiree.

There are blogs...I've hear over three million on blogspot alone...on everything. So I looked up 'dirt.'

Good lord, there it is!

Now my imagination is running rampant. Is there anything that hasn't been the subject of a blog???

Toenail fungus.


And on a chance, I look for one on assholes. (not to offend anybody, just that it seemed the most far out subject I could think of.)

This is all too much to deal with before breakfast. I need to relocate my appetite and eat. And to think, this was all started by Robert Mitchum:

..and his tremendous influence on the youth of America:


  1. oh my goodness. I have never looked up blogs before.. but this is sort of funny but now its lunch time here so I dont want to ruin my lunch.. thanks for sharing though..

  2. I know! All I did was google peeweeherman@blogspot....dirt@blogspot.. etc and got a blog on everything ! searched..Too funny!!

    I'm convinced there is a blog on ANYTHING you can think of.

  3. LOL, and the asshole blog has the same template you do. Robert Mitchum was hot, I agree there! Maybe you can do a FaceinHole pic of you two? Just search his name on the website.

  4. Yeah, Robert Mitchum was a bad boy. I haven't watched near the movies most monkeys have but I recall one with him in it where he was hooked on an Italian chick. The name of the movie and the actress he was after is in my brain but I can't pull it up right now.

    It was a good movie though, a bad boy romance thing and I'm a sucker for romance.

  5. I'm thinking that the actress in it was Cher.

  6. Come to think of it, her name in the movie was, Stella.


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