Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh my Gee

Oh my Gee...on or about September 18th, I am going to become a grandmother. My son is only 20. The mama is only 19.
We are all in shock.

Oh my God..


  1. Congratulations! I can understand the shock, but it'll all work out. I bet you'll make a great grandma, too.

  2. Thanks Mrs. D. This is unbelievable. I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Plus we are preparing to move....oh my God.

  3. Just fyi, baby's mama is a lovely lovely young lady...and we love her.

  4. Um ... Congrats!? haha

    Like Mrs D. says, it will work out. Once the shock wears off, you'll start getting things in order. ;-)

  5. I'd be shocked too. But, as everyone else has said, it will work out. It happens. :) (easy for me to say I know, when it's not my kid).
    They are a cute couple. Plus the baby will have a wonderful Nonna to dote over it as well. :) (did I mention that I"m three quarters Sicilian??)

    Congratulations! :)


  6. I agree when the shock wears off you will be buying more for this new addition than you can imagine.. You will spoil this new one... congrats Beej...

  7. I have no idea why you would be shocked. Was you under the impression that they wasn't getting it on?

    But I sure wouldn't want to bring a kid on this rock in this day and age, things are getting ugly out there. Of course those that are comfortable at this time choose to ignore that fact and think they are going to have rosy futures.

    It seems that teaching birth control isn't doing a hell of a lot of good. At least I was smart enough to get my wife on the pill.

    Get it up, get it in, get it on, but don't mess up her hairdoooooo.

    And don't knock her up !!!!

  8. What else can I add? Congratulations! You'll love it when it happens. I remember my sister in law being full of joy telling me my neice was expecting and then it suddenly dawning on her that she would be getting called grannie! Enjoy!

  9. *SMILES

    Hey, you get a Virgo Baby. Virgos are good people. I'm not one, but I know a bunch.
    And, I'll be the asshole to say it- worse things can indeed happen. If you want examples, then let me tell you about last week.
    You know a part of you is very excited- you want grandkids. It's just the dominant part is, well, the state you're in now.
    It all comes out in the wash, doll. And, it's a virgo baby! (which are reputed to be good healers...hint hint)

  10. Thanks everybody. We think we're having a boy. And of course, I'm excited. Shocked, but excited.

    Kim is very petite so I'm surprised they 'hid' this for so long. I think they were nervous about telling their parents.

    They gave me a copy of an's the most beautiful fetus I've ever seen. :)

  11. Correction....

    They gave me a copy of an's the most beautiful fetus I've ever seen. :)

    They gave me a copy of an's the most beautiful monkey fetus I've ever seen. :)

    Well hell, what new granny doesn't say that? Other than the ones that are telling them they were idiots that is.

  12. Beej you are most welcome. I dread the day they girls come home and tell me.. but you know what they will do just fine.. Lots going on here like usual...

  13. So I'm eating breakfast this morning when I swallow one of my front teeth.

    I now officially look like a redneck or hillbilly. I hope that it doesn’t scratch my ass when it comes out. Ever notice how when something changes in your mouth that your tongue can’t leave it alone? I call that dental masturbation. LOL


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