Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never Forget, Betty, A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place

Before I ever got married and before, of course, I had my kids, I used to dream of what life as a married mom would be like. I decided I would be exactly like Olivia Walton, the matriarch of The Waltons.. I would have eight kids, live on a farm or at least in the country. I would clean house, bake bread and be adored by my entire family. I would be respected in my community for being a great lady, full of wisdom and kindness. I would let my hair grow and wear it up in a nice chignon and never never wear anything but dresses. My husband would remain romantic and adoring. My life would be absolute heaven.

I would be..
Olivia Walton.

Man, was I ever wrong! I live in a community in the burbs. I have two kids. I work and have worked most of my adult life. A farm?? Forget that! Tho I do have a sweet but large dog,

a cat justifiably nicknamed El Diablo,

and of course, my two lizards.

I cannot picture Olivia Walton feeding crickets to lizards. I can't picture Olivia Walton hunting down teenagers in the middle of the night. I cannot picture Olivia Walton cussing through gritted teeth.

Obviously, I am not..
Olivia Walton.

I was thinking about that long ago dream, just this morning. Why in God's name would I ever have wanted to be like Olivia Walton??? Heck, I don't even think Olivia Walton wanted to be Olivia Walton! The poor lady was pregnant most of her adult life and when she wasn't pregnant, she was picking up after the kids.

Thank God I was not alive during that time. And things got worse for women over the next few decades. We all know about the fifties when women were supposed to clean house in heels and a flowing dress, when hair was always curled, meals were always on time, kids were always clean and warned to be quiet when daddy got home from a long day at work. When men made all the decisions and women just agreed with all those decisions in the name of being..
The Good Little Wife.

I recently came upon this cute little video. I laughed out loud several times..I probably should have cried, because I think it's (sadly) a fairly accurate description of the way things used to be:

Did you hear that last line? Did you hear it??

"Never forget, Betty, a good wife always knows her place."

I ask you, what kind of crap is that? First of all did you notice how that woman looked while getting her beauty sleep so she's refreshed for Tarzan? Now, lets be real. this is more what I personally look like during a nap.

And whats that 15 minute nap business? Two hours is my personal minimum. And if I happen to be sleeping still when Tarzan makes his grand jump off his vine and through the front door? Well, maybe he can get Cheeta to fix dinner.


  1. lol... I liked this post but you are right.. I like to sleep when i am sleeping.. i have caught myself dozing on the couch a few times for like 20 minutes but that is not a

  2. Naps are one of my true pleasures.

  3. Actually, life for women back in the 50's was pretty cool, but forget always being in a dress and looking pretty, it was only like that in the movies.

    Thank you for only having two kids.

  4. I'm sure BBC has ample experience on being a woman- especially in the 50s. :)
    There is something to be said for the Olivia Waltons of the world- and indeed, some still exist. It's not an easy life, but television sure can make it seem that way. :)

  5. Yeah, Olivia's life looked enviable on tv. The Waltons are based on a real life family, the Hamners, in Virginia. When we lived in Va I loved to go to the Blue Ridge Mts and think of them living there during the depression. And most folks do not realize, the Hamners, aka the Waltons, owned a mill; they were not the typical depression era, poverty laden people.

  6. I'm sure BBC has ample experience on being a woman- especially in the 50s. :)

    Hey, I have a dick!! I was just a kid in the 50's but I experienced how women and mothers were back then. And all in all they were pretty cool, those were the good old days.

  7. I have to agree with BBC -- the fifties were pretty sweet. Thanks in no small part to zinc oxide.

  8. Hi Bob, great video! (I wish I had found it first; I would have included it in this post!)

    And thank you for visitng and posting on my blog. I LOVE new vistors.

  9. Thanks for posting pics of your animal life. I love how the lizards are smiling for the camera...aren't they hams!

    Doggie and cat...beautiful!!!!!

  10. Thanks Candy! I have to admit, my pets are adorable. My Abby (the dog) is my most well behaved of all my children. :)

    These lizards are slow moving and bond to their owners. I turn on their light in the morning and give them a few minutes to awaken. Then I go in and tell them 'Goodmorning, my babies!" And they really do seem happy to see me!

  11. talking about parenting and being mom's how is your sons girl friend feeling only being like 2 1/2 months away from having there own baby?? Hopefully she is well.. You will have to post pix of her/him when they have it..

  12. Tweetey, Unfortunately, she miscarried. There will be other babies, tho this one will never be replaced.


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