Thursday, July 22, 2010

We All Gots Our Reasons To Blog

I've been at it again, pounding the next blog button and seeing what the rest of the world has been doing. Let me tell you, lately the rest of the world has been:

A.) taking photos of their families and telling me day after day how darling and beautiful and witty their babies are. I don't really care about that. And there is an exorbitant number of 'wonderful family' blogs on here.

B.) showing me the artsy-fartsy stuff they've made and hope to sell. I mean, there are a few folks who matter to me and I love to see their homemade things. However, I do not need any of that stuff because (surprise, surprise!) I am fairly artsy-fartsy, myself and have been known to put together a few homey decor items.

C.) talking about their love life. This falls into two categories; 1) they have found the love of their life and want the rest of the world to know how absolutely wonderful Mr or Miss Perfect is. Again, I do not care. And 2) the person who has been in love with the same elusive wonderful person for a long time..(or a short works both ways..) and who is convinced that this elusive person is secretly in love with them, too, but for some very important reason, is expressing their extremely selfless soul by dumping this particular blogger. (If he/she wanted to be with you, they would be with you! They are not with you because they don't want to be and have probably moved on to greener pastures which, in that case, you should stick your nose up in the air, blow a kiss goodbye and move on,dignity intact.)

D.) Let's not forget the complainer. I am not talking about the dear blogger who shares with us some bad times and rightfully expects us to give them a little cyber hug. I'm talking about the person who goes on and on, day after day, month after month, bemoaning the fact that the rest of the world does not admire them as much as they admire themselves.

E.) And then there's the depressed soul. Now I feel bad for him. In fact, I ran into one of those today. There I was between mopping the kitchen floor (its my so-called day off..right.) and cleaning the kitty litter box. I sat in front of my computer, munching on my baloney sandwich and hitting that next blog button when I landed on the blog of what has to be one of the most unluckiest people on the web. His cat had died. His mp3 player had died. And then he had to get an emergency root canal! This person cant even buy a new bathroom scale without an ordeal erupting; he ordered a balance beam scale (whatever that is..) and when it arrived, it was soooo big he was unable to get it to fit up his stairs and into his bathroom. He had to take apart his brand new scale, haul it upstairs piece by piece and then reassemble it. What a bummer! Maybe he'll lose a few extra pounds with all that exertion, tho. One can only hope there ends up a bright side to all that.

Now, I don't mind listening to this depressed soul. He got quadruple whomped and I just might sign up as a follower just to make him feel a little better.

(then again, he might take it as further reason to be depressed.har.)


  1. Michael CanoeistJuly 22, 2010 at 5:38 PM

    Sounds grim! Now, as a great American used to say: kwitcherbellyakin ! .... and how abouot writing some more about cool critters in your backyard, etc. Has your yard man been coming around regularly?

  2. Michael, Michael, Michael! Me? Bellyakin?? Moi?? Nosirree, I'm not. I'm writing about OTHER folks who are bellyakin!

    (We told Michael the yard guy we are hiring our son to take over the yard work because our kid needed the cash and Michael, well, michael was michael and stuff just wan't getting done right.)

    Critters in the backyard? Always.
    Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  3. I am fairly artsy-fartsy, myself and have been known to put together a few homey decor items.

    You would hate my place. :-)

  4. Yep, I think you did articulate the general tone of many blogs out there.

    It's kind of amazing though isn't it...that so many people have found a place to write about whatever they really feel they need to validate about themselves. Who know before blogging and web boards...a mere 15 years ago that so many humans were so ready to talk and talk and talk...without such an outlet. it's really amazing!

  5. oh and candy, I need to articulate that I said that only in regards to the next button blogs! I love nothing more to hear about the lives and the kids of people I know and to see their crafts and artwork. i enjoy those immensely. I meant solely about blogs I happen upon of those I do not know from Adam and whose blogs I will probably never happen upon again.


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