Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Neighbors, The Skinks

There are tons of wild lizards around these parts, some quite beautiful, some cute as a button, some as ugly as sin. One variety is the skink. We have lots of skinks around here. The blue tail skink is my favorite:

But there is another type of skink lurking around in my backyard, called the red headed skink. Today, we caught this one peeping in our window:

These skinks are true lizards but they're often described as a cross between a lizard and a snake. I've seen grown people run scared from one of these, especially if they're big ass lizards, but I love them. (then again, I like snakes, too.)

In that photo of the red headed skink, I tried to get the image of my cat watching this critter from inside the house but the flash went off and the reflection on the window glass obscured the cat from view, tho if you look real close, you can just barely make out his one ear.


  1. especially if they're big ass lizards,

    Yum, dinner...

    The cats sometimes catch the little garden snakes here, that bugs me cuz they are beneficial.

  2. Billy, you have referred to lizards as 'food' several times. Have you eaten lizard?

  3. wow never seen so many lizards before....

    interesting though...


  4. Hello..and I've never seen a blog quite like yours..

    interesting tho...


  5. I have to admit I think I would run too.. I hate snakes and lizards. But I guess if they are caged up I would be ok.. LOL.. I was telling my hubby about your lizards you have in your house. I couldnt remember what they were called.. I mean the type they are.

  6. tweetey! Where have you been, woman?? I was beginning to worry.

    They are Bearded Dragons from Australia :)
    And you would like these. They're slow moving and very tame.

  7. That's a lot of lizards! Love your blog and will enjoy following!

  8. Hey Pam! I just went over to your blog and I'll tell you, I am earmarking it and trying some of those recipes! Thanks for following me.

  9. I have been on vacation with my hubby being home all last week. no worry. i am here now until he takes more time off..LOL..

  10. i need help i have these ugly looking skinks in my back yard in the gargage in every corner they're multiplying and im going crazy, soon i'll be too scared to leave my house its almost taking over my life they look like snakes,where do i go for help can i call someone to remove them. maybe i should get a cat i reall need some advice


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