Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Soul Mates

Once upon a time in a land called North California, there lived a family of three orangutans and they were very happy. Then one day, one of the big orangutans died and soon the other big orangutan died and that left their three year old son all alone in the big land called North California. And he became very sad. He was so sad that he stopped eating. The animal doctors tried to treat him as his health began to fail but the poor, sad animal did not respond to the medicine. I don't think there is any medicine that can fix a broken heart.

The animal doctors believed the young orangutan would die and so they sent him off, as a last chance, to their animal treatment center.

On the way, the zoo keepers found an old, sickly dog in the park that was part of the grounds at the zoo where the orangutan lived. They took the dog there, too, since he was very very sick and they hoped to keep him alive.

Quickly, the dog and the orangutan sized up one another and quickly they became inseparable souls. They are inseparable to this very day and they have both found a new reason to live.

This is not a made up fairy tale; this is a true story about two living breathing creatures who have discovered the meaning...and the power...of true friendship.


  1. Seems like I read about that a year or so ago, all kinds of interesting things to find on the internet. That's what makes it worth the price of paying for it, over stamps.

  2. I love things like this. Awesome post.

  3. You know, orangutans cannot swim and this little guy is no exception. The dog helps him. He just holds on and his BFF pulls him along. It is their favorite summer activity and they swim daily.

    Just goes to show you, a good friend can open doors for you and help you bury your fears.


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