Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Satellite Gym

I've been a bit sad lately. call it depression, melancholia, down in the dumps, blue, bummed doesn't matter, it all means the same. I am, by nature, content. They say when I was a baby, they would come to get me out of my crib and I would be one big toothless, slobbering smile. I have teeth now, I don't drool, well, not often and usually not when I'm awake, but I still smile a lot. To this day, I awaken smiling. Other people consider it obnoxious first thing in the morning. But I am rather glad I am this way.

The only problem is, when I'm not content with life it's pure hell for me because am not accustomed to it and I do not like it one bit. I cannot deal with it very well. But one thing that helps me on these rare occasions is to go to the gym. So, I went off to my satellite gym this morning.

My regular gym is beautiful. And huge. In fact, it's three stories high. Its walls have a pretty paint on them, sparkling mirrors everywhere, bouncy happy music blaring. The only problem is, it's not open on Sundays. So for a few extra dollars, I joined the subsidiary gym which is open 24/7. As you can tell from the photos, it's small, a bit grungy and there is no trainer there to talk to. The floor is covered in old peeling paint and the walls are dirty. Its just free weights, ellipticals, weight machines and treadmills. but they do the job.

I felt a bit better after an hour there. Not a lot but enough to get me through until tomorrow when I'm sure I'll have my happy, smiley bubble back.

In the meanwhile, I think I'll go read a book.

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