Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today I went to see my hairdresser, Jamee. Jamee is s a specialist in coloring and I do not trust anyone else with my hair. She is worth not only the rather high price but also the hefty tip I always give to her. (I do this not only because Jamee is my friend but because I want her to remain very very happy to do my hair.)

While I was there, I had Jamee perform one of those girly-girl things we women have to suffer through...waxing. Men, you have NO IDEA! None whatsoever! This HURTS! So I thought I would explain what goes on here with this.

I have my eyebrows and my bikini line waxed. Eyebrows are fairly easy. The bikini line is a little nerve wrecking. Here is the process; Jamee heats up wax in this little burner thingy that looks all the world like a teeny slow cooker. Then she takes a little tongue depressor type of tool and spreads hot melted wax under each eyebrow. While the was is still hot, she puts a little piece of gauze type stuff on top of the soft wax and waits for it all to set. Then whambamthankyouma'am!!!she yanks it off taking unwanted eyebrow hairs with it.

The bikini line is similar except you need to strip to your undies. A bigger tongue depressor tool applies the wax to the top of the inside of your thighs. She applies a bigger piece of gauzy stuff and when it cools, whambamthankyouma'am! she yanks it off.

Afterwards your skin is a little red, but this quickly clears up and then your skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom, and your eyebrows are a very feminine, clean sight.

I am lucky; some women need to have a mustache waxed off. And some women do their legs and their arms. I am only hirsute on my head so I have no worry there. But can you imagine a man doing this? They just take a razor and shave it off! Now when have you ever seen a woman do that on her upper lip? None I know of. men do not suffer to look nice. We women don't give it a second thought. But someday, when I am 90 years old, I am not going to do any of this. I'm going to let myself go to hell in a hand basket and thumb my nose at younger women who still believe in this torture, and maybe even yell out to them, "What the HELL is wrong with you?!"


  1. No thanks. I would prefer the razor burns and the knicks than the pain.. LOL..

  2. at this point, it is looking good to me too tweetey! It hurt!

  3. I have always wondered what people were talking about when they referred to "waxing." Now I know.

  4. We women do gross stuff to ourselves to look beautiful. Men just always look beautiful.

  5. I love getting my eyebrows waxed. At least afterwards it looks so good. I call it my mini facelift.

    I must say...I am very glad that grooming has become more popular with men. I actually do some things to help out Stagg, I trim his eyebrows.


    Cute post...except for the pain!

  6. p.s. I've also been giving Stagg haircuts and I style his hair when we go funny is that? I love doing it!

  7. Candy, I agree about the eyebrow waxing. And it does look so nice afterwards. I am rotten at cutting hair or anything like that, however. but Jamee is so talented at this that i dont mind at all paying her more for all of this.

  8. And Beej, what do you use to keep your elbows nice? I am using something called Shea Butter, whatever that is.

  9. Do you know I almost answered thsat until it dawned on me you were teasing!!!!

    (try Burts Bees lotion..)


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