Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oak-Leigh Farms

Oak Leigh Farms is a beautiful place. The white house has a huge surrounding porch and a circular driveway in front, giving it an antibellum look. It took me a while to find it. In fact several times I believed I must have missed it somehow, and considered turning around. But then, there it was.

The first thing I saw when I parked the car was a large fenced area with several alpacas resting. I have a feeling these were the mommas-to-be.

As I went up the driveway, I saw this on the back of a van parked there:

I continued and saw a wooden fence surrounding a large portion of land.
A gentleman approached me, hand extended. I introduced myself and asked if I could get some photos. He could not have been more gracious.

This is Ken, who owns the farm along with his beautiful wife, Patti.

Ken opened the gate and led me to the area where about ten alpacas were grouped together. I was afraid I would startle them, but these alpacas loved the camera. In fact, this one came right up to my lens.

My favorite had to be this half grown alpaca (I believe this one is Bella) who was apparently hungry and thought I must be mama because she suddenly grabbed my finger and began to suck.

I'll tell you, the only thing keeping me from whipping out my checkbook and buying this precious little girl was the knowledge that I don't have enough land. Or it would have been a done deal.

I loved this guy. (I think they said his name is Dusty.)

Then we went to see the peacocks. Oh my, they were beautiful!

Afterwards, they gave me a little mini lesson in spinning, with what is called a drop spinner and which is the forerunner of the spinning wheel. Here is the process from the raw wool to the finished skeins and then clothes.

Sorry thats in backward order but it gives you the right idea. And see the brightly colored skeins? Those skeins were dyed with kool-aid!

I said my goodbyes to the Spruells and thanked these wonderful, warm folks for allowing me to spend the afternoon at their farm. They invited me back in May when the alpacas are to be shorn. I look forward to this but I have a feeling I'll be back there long before spring.

peacocks and alpacas
ken and Patti Spruell
11780 Fortner St.
Dothan Al 36305


While I ws there, my son phoned me. Here's a snippet of our conversation:

"Hi mom."
"where are you?"
"Im at an alpaca farm."
(long silence)
"What are you doing at an alpaca farm?
"I'm looking at alpacas."
"Oh. who are you with?"
"I'm by myself."
"Oh. Why did you go there?"
"I wanted to see alpacas."
(long silence)
"I'll see you when I get home, son. Bye."
"bye mom."


  1. Arent they sweet animals. I know we have some at our local Zoo. And my girls just love them..

  2. Oh tweetey, please show them these photos then! Tell them that baby alpaca thought I was her mommy!

  3. Beej, I used to Knit a lot, for me, for freinds, you name it I've knitted it for soemone. I stopped in my late 30s because of wrist problems which were being exasparated by work required PC mouse usage. The point being I used to love, absolutely love, to knit and to wear Alpaca wool. It is fantastic! Beautiful to work with, lovely and soft. I read your earlier post yesterday but didn't have time to comment so I am pleased to see you went to the farm and met these animals. I can forgo the peacocks anyday, but these camelids feed this camel lovers heart perfectly. So glad you had fun.

  4. Oh Sheila, they were sooo precious and loved the attention I paid them. If I had acreage, I would've given serious thought to purchasing one.

    Their wool is so soft and has a sweet smell to it. Patti wasn't selling the sweaters she had hung in display or I definitely would have bought one.

    One of the skeins there was lilac and intertwined with silk strands. Omg, you would have loved that, Sheila! Talk about soft...


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