Saturday, November 14, 2009

Praise God, I'm Not an Elephant

My cousin sent this to me. He usually sends me crap and I delete most of this crap without even watching or reading it. But the topic line, Live Elephant Birth, intrigued me so I opened it.

This is not for the squeamish. But it is truly fascinating. It is indeed the live birth of an elephant. Elephants are not like us. Well, it's sort of like us but multiplied 1000 times. Lordie, I am delighted that I'm not an elephant!

I would wager to say, if human deliveries were like this, there would not be a father in this world who would be bedside for his wife. Heck, if it were possible, I'd reckon to say even the mothers would run and hide.

I listened to the narrator as he described the mom, Nikki, beginning to pass the embryonic sack. He quietly say, "Nikki is very calm."

Now, my dear friends, watch the video, especially where Nikki is passing this sack. Calm? CALM!!!!! Only a man would see this as calm. Look at Nikki's face. Her mouth is wide open in a silent scream. Her body is rocking back and forth and she is desperately trying to grab a fence post with her trunk. You call this calm??? This guy should try to poop a barn and see how calm he would be! Mister, her scream is silent because her voice box is being pushed out of her rectum!

Now after the birth, the good part really begins; Baby is not breathing. She appears to be dead. But, alas, apparently this is normal for a newborn elephant. What does mom do? She shoves it, she beats it with her trunk, she all but throws it in the air like a slightly deflated football. In fact at one point, she appears to be thinking of doing just that.

Does the baby survive? You'll need to watch the video.


  1. I have to admit it amazes me at how much fluid fell out at the end.. I mean just remember what it felt like when I had my water broke with Kora. That felt weird and and lots of it but I couldnt imagine havig that much more water fall out of me after giving birth.. Yikes.. Interesting if nothing else.

  2. I just watched it again with my daughter and her friend. They were just as fascinated as I was .

  3. Okay, doll, that was, in a word, disgusting. I nearly threw up (twice). But, the ending was lovely...especially the walking. *smiles

  4. LOL Aw come on,, it wasnt that bad!


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