Friday, November 6, 2009

I Want To Be A Little Light

It seems that lately there has been, more than ever, a rash of unbelievably evil doings in our world. We have soldiers killing soldiers, as what happened at Fort Hood in Texas yesterday, babies being hidden in coffin like boxes under beds for twelve hours along with a box of baking soda to cover the inevitable stench of an unchanged dirty diaper, little girls taken from their very beds and slaughtered with absolutely no regard.

I don't know if these horrid acts have always existed to the extent that they do now, or if the media is just able to give it more coverage, but it is disheartening, to say the least. Each time one of these things happen, it chisels away at the goodness of all of mankind. It takes what sets us apart from the rest of earth's creatures and instead, casts us to the bottom of an abyss where we may not be able to recover as a species.

There is only one way to redeem ourselves. We must continue to quietly do good in each of our own lives. We must live quiet lives of faith, hope and charity; faith that we can more than balance out the evil with kind acts of caring and generosity, hope that we will continue to treat each other and all the living things in God's world with dignity as a way of making life better for others, and charity in that we show a broad sense of love.

My friend Sheila is about to travel to India for an extended stay in order to help others there. She is not receiving international fame for this, but simply and quietly doing what she can to make the world a better place for others. This is more than most of us are able to do. So we need to compensate in smaller, more personal levels. Feed the hungry who live on our streets. Give comfort to those who are suffering. Pray for people who seem to be victims of hopeless situations. There are countless ways we can counteract evil in our world, small ways that will receive no press but which will shine a little light in the life of someone who hurts.

I believe we all need to do this. we need to carry a beacon in order to light up our world. I've heard of this called 'random acts of kindness' but we don't even need to label it. Just do it. Otherwise, what will happen is this; all that will be apparent to our children is the treachery of selfish acts. And that's what will propagate itself.

I don't usually lecture here in this blog. I created it in order to lift others up, to brighten days with a touch of silliness, to add a little levity to the serious business of living. But, sometimes we need to vocalize things which should be obvious.

So today, I wish you all a day of contentment and peace. I have not a lot more to give to you, except to try and convince every one of you that FOR EVERY SINGLE HORRIBLE ACT OF HATRED, THERE OCCURS, SIMULTANEOUSLY AND CONSISTENTLY, TEN THOUSAND LITTLE ACTS OF PURE LOVE. And I pray for all of us that these acts are what we truly focus on.
So in the words of my 20 year old son,

"Peace out."


  1. I totally agree. I believe we change the chemistry of the world and universe with compassion. And the only peace of mind is compassion. It is the true love. Not easy though...but our greatest challenge and accomplishment.

    Peace out,

    p.s. love the Carpenter song...

  2. Candy, you are another who is keeping the world on an even keel with the volunteer work you have done.

    Thank you for making my world a lovelier place.

  3. The evil that men do eh?

    Sadly, humanity is capable of extraordinary evil.

    Would I, in a war situation, behave decently? I doubt it. Would I be prepared to kill women and children? Absolutely not, but....if my officer gave me firing locations and I didn't realise I guess.....doesn't bare thinking about.

    We can't change the world babe. We can't even change a little bit of it.

    All we can do is try and be decent people and try and not do owt bad.

    I must be ok as the wifey says 'I'm very trying'...;-) have to laugh or you'd just curl up and cry eh? x

  4. Soz...but pleeeease...not The Carpenters!!..;-)

  5. We can change it! We can do the best we can do in our own little corner. Yep, laughter is a good thing and I laugh often.

    Could I kill to protect myself or someone I love? In a heartbeat, I could. I wouldn't even stop to think about it. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so.

  6. Wow. Amazing. I like that song.. But there is so much hatred going on. I guess that is one reason I have forgiven my friend from Africa. We left on bad terms when she left here in March and now we are in good graces again. She takes care of 60 children in her charge in her Orphanage she opened up in Uganda Africa. here is the link is you want to check it out..


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