Thursday, November 5, 2009

Re-embedding Diamonds

I had my nails done this afternoon which, in itself, is not blog worthy. But this was the first time I've had them done since I had that diamond chip embedded in my nail.

The process to remove the diamond was not really a big deal. He put some of that burny stuff on it, and then took a tool that looked something like a one sided tweezers, and carefully pried it off. Then he smoothed down the surface with this thingy that sounded like a dentist's drill.

After the manicure was done, he re-embedded the diamond. Here's the new result:

Pretty, huh?


  1. I won't hold it against any of the guys, here, if you don't post. I know guys do not have a lot to say about manicures. :)

  2. I had a manicure about two years ago and it was ok but after they took off the nails my real nails were so frail it hurt.. So I havent had anohter since. I have considered just going in for the manicure part and not the nails.. My hands felt a lot better from the rubbing.. I crochet so much it helps to have them rubbed every so often..

  3. As I bite my nails incessantly it would be unwise to have any foreign bodies in them...a diamond might give me wind....

    Very nice though. Diamonds in your nails? Are you rich? Can I borrow a tenner?...;-)

  4. No I am not rich. It's just a little chip. But I would kindly lend you a tenner if you need it. :)


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