Friday, November 20, 2009

The Man Cave

My daughter loves to watch television in her brother's room. I don't know why this is because she has a beautiful bedroom, complete with her own tv set and cable. But he doesn't mind so I guess it's okay.

The real reason I don't understand this is because it's hard to find his television amid the mess. We know it's there somewhere because he likes to blast it. No, he's not hard of hearing, I think he blasts it because often he has his ear plugs inserted in both sides of his head and he needs to be able to hear the television over his tunes.

Last weekend, she went into his room and a few minutes later came downstairs to find me in the kitchen.

"Ma," she began," I had to move his pile of socks so I could find a place on the floor to sit."

"So? You ought to be used to that by now." I said.

"But mom. I stood his socks up on their own. Mom they were so stiff they could have walked away with no feet in them."

I tossed her the bottle of hand sanitizer.

"Oh! So that's what the stench is!" I had been trying to find the source of the blue haze emanating from there for a long time now.

Now, I would take a photo of his room to show you what we're dealing with but even I cannot be that mean. But let me tell you, we made a real man cave for this kid. Not only does he have has nice tv, stereo, computer etc, We gave him a dark blue sofa and set it mid room so it almost has a bachelor apartment effect. (I did draw the line, however, at the black satin sheets he requested. A man cave is one thing, a bordello is another. I cannot and will not promote his sexual prowess. It's a mom thing.)

Anyway, his sister, kind soul that she is, without a word ,set about cleaning her brother's room, much to my dislike.

So this morning, I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas.

"A car." he didn't hesitate.

"No." I didn't hesitate.

"Well, how about a 55 inch telelvision?"

"Son! Where would you put it? We can't find your walls!"

He didn't think this was funny and the conversation ended.

I suddenly had a brilliant idea. "Hey, Would you like me to rent you a bulldozer for Christmas? I'm sure we could find a little one that would fit through your bedroom door."

"Ma, I love you but you're nuts sometimes."

"Oh well, it was just an idea son."

Maybe I'll just give him a few dozen new, clean socks. And if he's real nice to me, some black satin sheets.


  1. I haven't laughed that loud in a while. Crackin post babe!

    Takes me back to my yoof....and then some!

    My afternoon will now be a cheerful one. Ta x

  2. Awesome.

    Did I tell you about the time ...about 5 years ago..when I moved in with 4 guys? I got to tell you about that some time. Playstation, rice krispie squares and beer decor.

  3. Hey you buying black satin sheets send them my way.. LOL.. Ok OK just joking.. How old are your kids?? I havent asked the girls what they want this year. I did get a job today so money isnt an issue as it was but still afraid of the answer I am going to get..

    Hope he can keep the room clean for a while.. Yahh right, right.. Boys and there messes..

  4. I too have children with everything...that still ask for more... suppose its my fault for buying them all the crap they surround themselves with...maybe some sort of weird projecting my perceived lack of things when I was a child who also had everything on to them...& If I could respond in this box with an embarrassing picture of my Boys Rooms...I would...they really don't care...maybe I'll start a YouTube channel...called my boys some sort of social long will my boys live like this...?

  5. Black satin sheets, huh? I'll give you this, they're warm. But if you sneeze on them, they are stained forever! Remind him of that...maybe he'll change his mind.

  6. I'm glad y'all enjoyed reading about my man cave/ satin sheets saga! And Candy, mama, do tell me about the 'boys!'


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