Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss In Casablanca

Okay, so I wrote a few posts back that I don't cry; Negate that comment right now because I have just watched this movie and I have sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Poor Ilsa. She is destined to never be happy, destined to own a wretchedly stinging heart for the rest of her life. How can Rick possibly think she has no regrets now? He is clueless when it comes to a woman's heart.


  1. Frankly, my dear, I have never thought it was that great of a movie. I prefer romantic comedies myself.

    But you never know what I may like, I thought The African Queen was a pretty good movie. And Centennial is a great movie.

  2. Is Centennial based on the book by Michener? If so, that's quite a coincidence because I was just thinking of it this afternoon; it's such a great book.

    I do love Casablanca, mostly because I love Bogart; in fact, my little blurb where you post is based on a line Becall says to Bogie..

    I wish we could go on in the movie and see how bitterly sad Ilsa remained. Happiness was just pure shot for her. Forever.

  3. I don't know. I feel that when you do the right thing in life...that the world is different and you can still be happy...even if doing the right thing does not align with what the individual wants.

    This is the heart of Cassablanca though isn't it? It's why it continues to be a soul searching movie for generations. It's true that the love she has with Rick is not going to be lived with...but it still exists. They DO still hav Paris. But they have more. They have the inner knowledge and wisdom to know that doing something for others is a greater purpose and reward.

    I don't think Ilsa will be unhappy all her life. I think sheel ived in America and had children with her husband and had her memories of youth...which will be tempered with being a hero.

    Part of being a hero is being able to live with that kind of compromise. It's not for everyone. Both Rick and Ilsa are remarkable people because their core moral values were more important to them than gratifying their own egos.

    It'sjust really so beautiful.

    And not only will Rick and Renault have the start of a beautiful friendship...I'd like to believe that Ilsa and Lazslo also will have a beautiful friendship.

    Remember she is very dearly loved by two men. Laszlo is willing to sacrifice his own life to have Ilsa safe...he tells Rick this and we must know that Rick is really taught something by this sacrifice.

    All the people in this movie are made more rich and more human and wonderful by the decisions thyey choose to sacrifice their own individual needs for the greater good.

  4. Candy, your post is so eloquent. just so truly eloquent. But I just do not see Ilsa as completely filling that hole in her heart as time goes by.

    I used to joke and say, whenever I saw a couple totally suited to one another, that the knot in his head filled the hole in hers. But I think from now on I'll say, "The knot in his heart filled the hole in hers." Amd that's how I feel about Rick and Ilsa. Nobility is truly a wonderful thing, but that kind of love is such a rare gift. it really makes me angry that Ilsa was not included in that choice, yet she was the one who will forever suffer.

    They say there is a thin line between love and hate. That would be Ilsa's only salvation. But I doubt she will cross that line, either.

    Enough said.

  5. ...i forgot to mention that I do remember Ilsa told Rick to make the decisions..but still.

  6. I have to admit I never watched this one but have heard many many things about... I do cry though when not watching movies..

  7. Yes, I see what you mean Beej. Fair enough. I was not articulating the actuall loss in this movie completely.

    I agree that Ilsa has a hole in her heart...and she had one probably since Paris. So did Rick. I believe...for me...this is what is so great about the movie.

    The idea of a hole in the heart...and filling it. And what that looks like.

    The thing is...Ilsa has a hole in her heart but peace of mind and happiness are not mutually exclusive. This is critical. This is Rick's movie. Ilsa already was married, fell in love with Rick and still...she left him to return to her marriage and her core moral beliefs of fighting the Nazis. She is not bitter. We are to contrast this with Rick. Ilsa can listen to her beloved sentimental song. She is strong. Her hole in her heart has not stopped her from living. Rick's hole in his heart has stopped him from living. He is bitter and his bitterness permeates everything.

    What we learn in Cassablanca is that having a hole in ones heart is not mutually exclusive from happiness and peace of mind! It's wonderful!

    If life is a game...then we have each of us the choice to be a good sport or a sore loser.

    Ilsa is basically a good sport. Rick is a sore loser. What happens is that Rick heals during the movie. He has a transformative experience. The transformative healing that he has seems to be directly related to doing the right thing and compassion.

    Sure...each Rick and Ilsa will have a hole in their hearts...but how beautiful that they are not sore losers!

    Beej, don't most of us have a hole in our is so challenging it's difficult to imagine any of us getting through life without serious loss. Rick and Ilsa both have serious loss...but it's okay. I know I have a hole in my heart. it never goes away but it's part of being human and living fully and being open. Sometimes we get wounded. But it isn't mutually exclusive to our happiness. We have the opportunity to choose how to respond to great loss.

    At least...this is what I experienced in watching Casablanca, imho.

  8. I see what youre saying Candy. I was just feeling mushy that day, I guess. I just wanted Ilsa and Rick to be together. I've kinda changed my mind now. But I think she may grow to be bitter against him.


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