Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lunch with the Girls

Alyson, Kelly, Tamura, me, Ashley

Tamura laughing at Kelly

Alyson laughing at Kelly

Beautiful Shaneka

Kelly and Alyson

Kelly, startled, when I came from behind and plopped a big kiss on her!

Kelly has a personality similar to Ellen DeGeneres so today's lunch was a two hour long 'laugh until you cry' deal.


  1. You really can't beat time with friends eh?

    Nice one.

    By the way, anyone told you lately you've a beautiful smile?

    ....behave Dinners.....

  2. I do???? well thank you!
    We always have such a good time. These ladies are good people.

  3. Always good to have some social time with friends ... I don't get out nearly enough with my friends anymore.

  4. Hi Los! Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. I'm going to add you to my list if thats ok..

  5. Oh and Los? We are doing it again next week an you are welcome to join us!

    You, too, Four Dinners! :)

  6. Boy, I gotta tell you, that bouncy happy Elton John song right over there ---> is perfect to play while looking at our lunch photos. Try it! It just FITS, I think..

  7. I remember days like that, before I got old and cranky.

  8. I remember having friends like that.

  9. Very clever, aren't you Billy? And I doubt you are that old..

    Anon A, you still do have friends like that..

  10. What do you consider old? I'm 66, that's getting sort of old for a man that has been down a lot of unpaved roads and paths and had all the experiences I've had.

    It's Friday, I didn't do much of a post today, mostly just some camping pictures.

  11. Nah thats not old. You put your camping photos up? I'll go check them out!

  12. Oh so beautiful and peaceful..its a good life, isnt it Billy?

    Well, I guess it isn't for everyone, but I love it. But I am an old country hick that is okay with basic, always have been, always will be.

  13. Hi Beej, I do love days out with friends, it makes all of life's crap disappear into insignificance. Glad you all had a lovely day


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