Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Elmer Gantry and My Friend Dennis

My friend Dennis asked me to read Elmer Gantry (Sinclair Lewis,) with him. We didn't have a copy in our store so I ordered two copies and they came in this weekend.

Dennis is bright, bright bright. Capital B. BRIGHT. He doesn't simply read books, he pretty much memorizes them, or at least he memorizes long passages of them.

He is also an expert on 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and on its author, Harper(Nell) Lee. He not only knows her personally, he plays Atticus Finch in the play down in Monroeville (where he and Lee both live). he has played this role worldwide, including Washington DC for the US Senate, Carnegie Hall in NYC, and in London England.

One of the greatest thrills of my life was when Dennis placed in my hands an autographed copy of her book, personally inscribed to Dennis himself. I felt like i was holding the crown jewels. I was in awe.

Dennis, this is to you, my dear man. You have made the promise to me, assured me that you can be held to this promise, that you will appear here at my blog to talk about Elmer Gantry, since I have so graciously agreed to read it with you. Readers of this blog, you are in for a treat. This man is a born storyteller.

Dennis posing with the book.

I can always make him laugh out loud.

(Dennis, you had better get reading. You have an audience waiting..which you and I both know you cannot resist...)


  1. Yay for Dennis! Wouldn't it be something if he started a blog himself? I'd probably read it as much as I read yours

  2. Great. Cant wait to hear what he has to say about this book then I will see about getting it for myself when taxes come in...

  3. anon, I keep talking to him about having his own blog and he says he thinks he really would like that. I'll get him to do it eventually.

    Tweetey, it would be great if you could join us. You'll learn a lot from Dennis. I know I will too.

  4. You'd better be here Dennis....she's my pal and I know some...er...

    ...anyroad...just get yer arse over here mate...

    Beej is counting on you!!!

  5. Heeheee!! You'll enjoy Dennis and he will enjoy you.

    I've missed you, 4D. xoxoxo

  6. At some point in your life you have to stop reading and start thinking for yourself. According to Einstein, and I agree with him.

    Not that I don't read a lot, I do, heavy stuff. And then I argue and debate what is wrong with some of the thinking in them.

    That is the only way we can claw forward as humans, and we have a long way to go.

  7. Impressed with men wearing ties?

  8. Im just impressed with all of you guys, period, Billy :)
    And where have you been? I was posting over at your blog at the same time you were posting here. Youve been missed

  9. I was camping hon, I have to go camping, it helps me keep what sanity I have left. I'll start posting some camping pictures in a day or so.

  10. Where you at Dennis?! Come on. Hurry up!!!!

  11. he's out of town for a few days, FD, but he will show up.

  12. I saw the play adaption of TKAM almost a year ago in Hartford - it is of course my favorite book. Matthew Modine played Atticus. I bet I would have preferred your friend Dennis. Modine was OK. Then I saw him on Weeds (do you watch that series on Showtime?) and while he was screwing one character after another all I could think of was that Gregory Peck would never do the scenes that way.

    Horton Foote's daughter Hallie played the narrator in the TKAM play production and she was perfect. Her father died just a few days later. I bet your friend Dennis knows her too. Tell him to tell Ms. Lee I said hey ;0)

  13. Hi Molly! Are you talking Hartford Alabama? I read a review of Dennis portrayal and the reporter started her piece by saying, "Today I met Atticus Finch." You look at Dennis and you think, 'Atticus.' (It doesn't hurt that he's about 6'4". And gorgeous....Dennis, if you read this, it's nothing I haven't already told you!) I'm sure he knows Hallie. Does she play Scout in Monroeville? This is a neat play because they use the courthouse that Lee based the one in her book on. Its like a travelling play. Very cool.

  14. Hartford CT. Hallie played the grown-up narrator Scout.

  15. Ahhh okay, i'll ask Dennis if he knows her.


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