Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roll Tide

Lets get this straight right from the get go; I am not a football kind of person. I do not understand a thing about it. I do not know why grown men want to jump on top of each other over a stupid looking little ball. I mean, we women would reason it out.

"You want a turn to run with this ball? Okay! We share. Kids! Come see how we share in order to solve a problem. See? When you use your words, you don't need to jump on people and hurt their bodies!"

Its a game that seems to me should take maybe an hour to play. But then you have these guys in stripes jumping up and down, complete with silly hand signals, and they stop the game. I have no idea why they want to make it longer. But this game, which should take an hour can take four times that long. this is not bull; I really know nothing about the game. But I do know folks go crazy over it.

We moved here from Tallahassee Florida. Anne and Bobby Bowden lived down the road from my house. I had no idea who they were. The first time I met Anne, she was signing up for the gym where I was a trainer.

"Your name?" I asked, filling out her enrollment sheet.
"Anne Bowden."
"How do I spell Bowden, ma'am?" I asked without looking up.

I realized she did not answer. I looked up to see her a step behind where she had been standing, her hand on her chest, her mouth gaping, her eyes open wide.

She spelled her name for me and it wasn't until someone told me a little while later that I knew who she was. She was Bobby Bowden's wife.

"Who's Bobby Bowden?" I asked. Man, I had astounded the entire gym with that one.

Of course, Bobby is the coach for FSU football team, commonly called 'The Noles.'Now I know, and The Bowdens have forgiven me.. i think.. because they gave my kids Bobby's autographed photo.

Now I live in Alabama and tho I still have no idea what football is about, I am going to watch the game tonight. I don't know why, but apparently this is a big game and University of Alabama is playing Texas. I think it's called the BCS Championship game, whatever that is. But because I live in Alabama, I am all excited! So is everyone else in this state. As I said, I don't know why.

Anyway, it starts in a few minutes. I'll let you know if we win.

Roll Tide.
Whatever that means..


  1. Lets get this straight right from the get go; I am not a football kind of person.

    I hate football and have never watched but one game in my life many years ago, and I thought it was really stupid.

    I don't know who Bobby Bowden is and I don't give a damn. Some over paid fool I suppose. Oh, I have no need to know how the game turns out. Did I mention that I hate football?

    Most big league sports actually. I think it's all just a bunch of over priced and over paid bullshit. Interesting that like those things or not that you have to help pay to support it all with almost every purchase you make on products.

    It offends my soul to support over paid players and couches and such.

  2. um. we won. (hi Billy. Im going now.)

  3. Um, the kids who play college ball don't get paid, per se. They play because they have sports scholarships to go to college, and because they enjoy themselves doing it.
    And, I for one, effing love college football. Roll Tide, Roll!
    By the way, the Texas freshman gets a very high honorable mention because he did the best he could. He was soooo unprepared for all that, and he made everyone rooting for Alabama very nervous. He did a good job.

  4. Anon, I was so proud of Mark Ingram. I may not know football, but, as a mom, I love the fact that this sophomore won the Heisman Trophy. At 19 years of age! Also, they said his mom has not missed a single game...go mom! Did you hear how they came to send this kid to alabama? All because of Nick Saban. You gotta love it, even if you don't understand football.

  5. Ingram is from Flint, MI, so this is like a doubly awesome win for me (and the state of MI). Ingram is a smart cookie, a good kid, and a damn good football player- he totally deserved that Heisman. MI knows how to grow 'em.
    Oh, and the whole "Roll Tide" story is this:
    Alabama has always wore the crimson colored jersey, which makes them very, very distinctive. And when they run plays, all you see is a wave of crimson jerseys crashing against whatever team they're playing; a sports announcer compared it to a crimson tide, and it stuck. Thus, University of Alabama's football team is called "The Crimson Tide", and they don't have an animal or Indian tribe name like everyone else.
    Also, despite many misconceptions, there's actually a lot of strategy to the game. Most people just see the brutality, but there's a lot of thinking going on when those kids are on the field. It's like bloody chess, kinda.


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