Sunday, January 24, 2010

FAT Can Kill You

Did you know you can kill someone and get off with a minimal sentence if you hire a really really fat person to sit on your intended victim and crush him or her to death?

350 lb. Mia Landingham from Cleveland Ohio got drunk and sat on the 120 lb. father of her three children, killing him. This week she was sentenced to a mere three years probation and 100 hours of community service.
Its wrong, wrong wrong!

Didn't she realise he wasn't moving? Or breathing? What did she do, back up on him as he was napping face down on the sofa, sit down while eating another bag of potato chips, not noticing there was a person underneath her?

Oh hogwash. She meant to kill him. She had to realize her weight had the potential to act as a deadly weapon. The guy was lying face down. He couldn't even defend himself by biting her sorry ass.

There is no justice here, none at all. You just can't smother someone by sitting on them, and get away with it. And what can she accomplish by 100 hours of community service? I think she ought to have to go around Cleveland and kill all the rats in town by sitting on them. Now, THAT would approach justice.


  1. It sure sounds to me like she did it on purpose.

    What kind of slim and trim men are so sick and needy that they would even have a 300 pound woman for a mate? I guess that some men will have sex with anything but I don't even like to look at them.

    I didn’t do much of a post this morning, just some CAMPING PICTURES

  2. They got her on a charge of involuntary manslaughter but I have a hard time believing she wasnt aware that the guy was there! I mean, if some big person sat on me and I couldn't breathe, I would probably be struggling and striking a little, wouldnt you think? They had been fighting so I'm sure she knew what she was doing.

  3. Now I'm not trying to be 'fatist' here...but what was the idiot doing with someone so obese?

    I'm not exactly a slim thing myself. I am a bit overweight but 300lbs???

    It's his own fault. Fat is not attractive or sexy unless you're weird.

    All this 'you can't say fat is bad or you'll offend the poor fat people' stuff is bollocks.

    I'm overweight and I diet occasionally cause Carol deserves a decent man not a grossed out fat pig.

    He maybe didn't deserve to die but he should have walked out on the fat bitch before she got the chance to kill him.


    So there.

  4. Four Dinners, I agree with you. And I know the video caption refers to her as at 300 lbs, but un an article I read, it said they weighed her at the police station where the scales only went to 350lbs, and her weight surpassed that.

    I still think she should have had some sort of jail time tho.

    Numbnut is right!

  5. I'm not assuming that he was any better than her ugly fat ass. It's just too bad that they didn't kill each other at the same time.

    But I guess the stupid little shit didn't pack a pocket knife?

  6. Hahahahaa!1 Oh that cracked me up, Billy.

    Actually it isnt her weight that bothers me as much as the fact that she got off so easy.

  7. Usually when a woman kills her boyfriend or husband, she plays the "he had it coming" defense. At least she tried to be creative with the "I didn't know I was sittin on him" defense. ;-)

  8. HAHAHA!!! True!! Thanks for stopping by, Jay..

  9. Oh dear. What a sad story. About the "fat" in some cultures and social circles a big woman is a very sexy person! It's all relative adn there are even web sites for finding big girls.

    I remember once on Oprah that one of the differences in social circles among white women and black women women obsess about their hair, and white women obsess about their fat.

    Interesting story Beej, thanks for sharing it...I'm kind of out-of-it when it comes to the news. But fascinating how so many different people see the world isn't it?


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