Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dealing with Depression

Something personal has set me to feeling a bit depressed lately. I'm usually a happy lady, born with an overdose of endorphins, so when I get this way, I cannot stand myself. (Candy Minx can verify this; she caught me on the phone a few months ago during one of these low periods...I'm sorry Candy. Truly. It's not the norm for me.)

The fastest way for me to pull myself out of this rock-bottom mood is to get together with some of my friends. So that's what I did today:

Kelly, Chris, unidentified young guy whose name I do not remember and who was hanging out with Shawn.

Speaking of which, what the heck happened to Shawn?? He was there with us too but he disappeared, dang it! And my best friend, Cynthia, was there but she chose to stay inside and continue working on her thesis. (She has already defended her dissertation, so she is FINALLY! one step away from obtaining her PhD.) You might remember Kelly from the pictures of friends I had lunch with a couple of weeks ago. Oh yes..and Ashley was there but she was busy inside the bistro, where we met.

Kelly, as usual, the clown, said "Smile! We're going to be blogged again!!" (Half of the visitors on this site from my area are these friends, hoping to read about themselves. yeah yeah yeah, Kelly.. don't even TRY to deny it. You know you're an attention magnet!)

I am blessed with my friends. And am I still blue?

Well, somewhat...but I'm sure it will pass. Like everything else.


  1. Hanging out with friends for a while is always a good way to pull myself out of the doldrums. Even if it's just chatting with them online.

  2. Just picture me running up and down the garden in my boxers chasing an escaped kitten. It might not cure the blues but it'll certainly take your mind off em!!!!

    You take care babe xx

  3. It looks like clown or not, Kelly could stand to miss a few lunches and get more active. Like it says in that graphic I'm looking at in your sidebar, small is beautiful.

    Depression isn't something I have a problem dealing with, I just do something cheap and fun or I get pissed, or go camping. Works for me.

  4. Top Ten Ways Kelli Is Better Than 99% of People:
    1. She's always positive.
    2. She's funny- and she has lots of ways of being funny, not just a sarcastic, dry asshole kind of humour
    3. She can always be counted on for useful criticism.
    4. She works her mother's and her brother's farms while also going to school for her master's degree and working at the bookstore. Unactive? I think not.
    5. She pulls through for people, always.
    6. She knows how to enjoy life.
    7. She's got a fabulous smile to go with her good disposition.
    8. She refuses to let anyone affect her personal integrity- in a nice way.
    9. Despite everything, she stays hopeful instead of being bitter and angry.
    10. She's got a big laugh, a big brain, and a big heart- some things are just better big.

    With all these fabulous attributes, anyone with any sense loves her. Number ten alone trumps small heart, small brain, and nonexistent laugh.

    BBC, you seem miserable, and I'm sorry for that. But, don't go slamming people you don't know just because the weight of your misery is so much that you feel the need to cause someone else some sort of pain as well. Do you need a hug? Kelli gives great ones- you know, because it's not like hugging a chicken bone.

  5. Kelli is the most loving person I know and she makes me happy to be with her. You would love her. Billy. Honest.


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