Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roxxxy The Sexxx Robot

Yesterday morning I was sitting here, innocently eating my cereal and watching Headline News and this story comes up about Roxxxy the Sex Doll. I kid you not. (Notice the triple x in her name?? Man, she should be ashamed of herself.)

Roxxxy can be bought for a mere $9000. You may think that's a bit pricey for a doll, but Roxxxy is more than that; she has a laptop connected to cables coming out of her back and touch sensors at strategic locations. (God I just realized with that laptop hooked up, you guys could twitter while you're, well, you know..) She also has a bunch of different personalities, five to be exact; Frigid Farrah, Wild Wendy, S&M Susan, Young (barely 18) and Mature Martha.

Prostitutes around the world are nervous. They might lose their livelihood if this Roxxxy catches on. I am definitely not a woman of the evening but I can tell you, I do not like this!

Men leave their wives every day, usually trading them in for another woman and occasionally, a man. But a sex robot? Oh please!

The only benefit I can see is that she would be good to take on a trip, no need for potty breaks. But try taking roxxxy into a restaurant. Try introducing her to your boss.

Tell the kids, "This is your new mommy, kids!" I dare you.

Or take this to church?

Introduce this to you mother?:

Even your dog would run and hide:

And to make her more 'perfect'..ROXXXY SNORES!!!

You think your teen son wants to borrow your car? OH HO! You just wait!

I guess I'm just an old fashioned lady but I think this is really freaky; it's like a Furby Gone Wild.


  1. But, you can put her in the passenger seat and use the carpool lane on your commute to work.

    Also, the guy who invented her doesn't understand the appeal of a sex robot. This one talks. LOL .. sorry. ;-)

  2. har Har Har!..tho the carpool thingy isnt a real bad idea..

  3. At least the creeps at the bookstore might leave us alone if they had a roxxxy.
    Also, I'm told (by men) that the average amount of money they have to dole out before they can get laid by a girl is around 360 bucks. Those guys can just put all the money they'd spend on dates on one "person" and never have to worry about feeding her....or ever having a date again.

    Really, though, if it's gotten to the point that a person actually feels they NEED a robot...then, let them have it. Because that's a sad sack story if I ever heard one.

  4. Oh my goodness.. Yikes I dont know what to say because if you cant have the real thing its not worth it.. come on peeps... If you dont have a wife/husband and cant get the real thing... there is something terribly wrong..

  5. i just think it's silly beyond words and I'm amazed it was on the national news.

  6. I posted about her a few weeks ago, she could be better looking and I damn sure wouldn't need her to talk but past that I'm in, nine grand is a damn sight cheaper than trying to keep a woman happy anymore.

    I could turn out the light if I didn't want to look at her, she would just be there for one need anyway and I have a great imagination.

    I wouldn't even buy her any clothes, she'd always be living under a blanket on the bed anyway, except for when I drug her out in the yard to hose her out. :-)

  7. A snoring sex doll???

    Now I know the world is fucked....in a manner of speaking...;-)


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