Saturday, February 6, 2010

I, Mushroom

This is the weirdest thing; I'm walking through the bookstore this morning and I hear a woman saying this to her companion:

"I feel like a mushroom."

I thought it was a strange thing to say but forgot about it. Then a few hours late I hear a young guy say to his mom:

"I feel like a mushroom."

Okay, twice in one day and I am beginning to think this means something. I decide to try it on my son when he got home from work tonight.

"Hi." I say as he walks in the door. "How'ya doing."

"Good, mom. How'd your day go?"

"Oh I guess it was okay..I kind of felt like a mushroom tho."

"Sorry to hear that mom." and out the door he goes.


I called after him..

"Hey! Get back here!"

He keeps on going and gets into his friend Kenny's truck. "Ma, I gotta go! What do you want? Is it important?"

"Yes! I want to know what it means to feel like a mushroom!"

Kenny starts the engine and off they go. I can hear my son yelling out an answer but I can't hear it because Kenny's muffler sounds like dual canons going off.


Okay, I must be the only person who doesn't know what that means. I phone my sister ,Jeanne, who is one of the few folks left in the world who knows less slang than I do.

"Hey, Beej. Whats up?" she asks.

Here comes my moment.

"Oh, I dunno, "I say. "I guess I kind of feel like a mushroom."

"I'm sorry." she answers. Now I feel real out of it.

"Um, you know what that means?" i ask.

"Of course. Thant's old. Hey, let me call you back. Someones at the door."
And she hangs up.


Okay now I'm on a mission to find out what the heck that means so I google it and I get my answer. It means, 'kept in the dark and fed bullshit.' Clever!

Np sooner to I discover this when the phone rings. It's my daughter.

"Hey honey."

"Hey mom."

"Honey do you know what it means to feel like a mushroom?"

"Sure! It means you're kept in the dark and.."

"How did you know that??" I interrupt.

"Everyone knows that mom. Its been around longer than you have."


"Well, how come I never heard it before today?"

"Well, mom, there's a good reason for that." I sense my kid snickering at me.

"It's because you're a mushroom!" She laughs so hard she is snorting, but I think she's telling the truth.

Great. Just great..


  1. You didn't know what that meant? What in the hell planet have you been living on?

  2. Billy, I swear, I never heard that before in my life. Never!

  3. And you work in a book store and read a lot, ha ha ha ha

  4. True! Mybe I'm reading the wrong stuff, eh? :)

  5. I'll be honest, I've never ever heard that before in my life- until I read this blog.
    Yay for an education!

  6. Yay!!! I am not the only person on the face of the whole earth that hasn't heard this before and I feel better now :)

  7. I was once out for a meal with Carol and the starters included either chicken or mushroom soup amongst other things.

    The waiter said "Yes sir?"

    "Soup" I answered

    "Chicken or mushroom?" he asked reasonably

    "Pwaaak...pkpkpkpkpkpk...pwaaaak" I answered

    The waiter attempted not to smile.

    "Chicken sir"

    "No! Mushroom"

    "But you made a noise like a chicken sir!"

    "Yeah. I can't make a noise like a mushroom"

    Carol then hit me on the head with a spoon.

    I behaved thereafter...;-)

  8. Lol! Carol must laugh all through the day, every day!

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