Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

We ended up with maybe three or four inches of snow which made the roads a nightmare. I still jumped into my car and took off for the bookstore. I went slow and had no problem except when I got to our (empty) parking lot. Ohhh, I was sooo tempted to gun it and have fun sliding around but I figured it probably would not be a wise thing for me to do.

We did have customers but you would be surprised to know who the majority of them were. They were folks coming up from Florida who had never ever seen snow. They mostly bought Alabama maps because they wanted to find little obscure back roads from which to view the snow in pristine condition. (fools that they are..those roads were terribly unsafe.)

The video above shows one of the local car dealerships (Bondy's) which is on the busy circle surrounding our city. It was obviously taken not long after the snow began. It got really really bad for awhile.

Of course all the schools were closed and the kids built snowmen all over town. They were everywhere!

Keep in mind, this is the deepest of the Deep South. Land of cotton and plantations and magnolia trees..It was a neat event but it probably won't happen down here again for generations to come.


  1. That's some heavy snow! It's been a freaky weird winter.

  2. Hi Jay. Whats weird now is seeing all those snowmen, two thirds melted, no heads, sticks hanging by their sides, clothes piled on the ground around them.

    Its all gone now and will probably never come this way least in my life time. Did you get any of it?

  3. Beej,
    Glad you made it in safe. The Hartford 10 day (where we live) says snow showers for Monday again.

    I came south to get warm. --what happened?


  4. You didn't move far enough south! Har! And neither did I..

  5. Oh And thanks for stopping by, Web.

  6. Sorry Beej but I cant help from laughing.. I want to move somewhere far from all this crap... I dont any more snow.. Its snowing outside as I type this.. Its suppose to be an inch or so but its the or so that gets me...

  7. tweetey, its nice to get snow once a decade or so but i prefer the sun much more!

  8. Snow isn't so bad. It's a great insulator from the cold- which means, it's warmer when it snows.


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