Sunday, February 28, 2010

El Diablo

After I wrote the last post, I went into my living room. Apparently the cat has recovered from his tape-on-the-paw misadventure but it obviously exhausted him. Here is how I found him, on my new furniture, right before I gave him the heave ho:

He may be evil but he sure is cute.


  1. Beej he is sure is cute.. your cat??? i love when snowie does something funny but everytime i take the camera out she runs for cover. like oh no mommy has the camera again....LOL....

  2. oh no Billy. Was anyone hurt?

    yeah thats my evil cat!

  3. No one was hurt, the dogs were saved also. I was only able to talk to him for about a minute on the phone when I got the news and called him. I'll drive out tomorrow to talk to them.

    About five years ago I built a double wall in one of the rooms and it appears that it slowed the fire down or the whole thing would have went up in smoke being as it took the fire department over half an hour to get there.

    My cats aren't evil, just half feral, and they like to screw with me.

  4. You gave him the heave ho???

    Disgraceful behaviour!!! He allows you to live there and you fail to treat him as your lord and master???....;-)

    He's a big lad in't he?

  5. Yes, he's huge. I suppose I should count myself as lucky. He doesn't scratch furniture. Yet. To be honest, as much as I love him, I might wring his neck if he did scratch the furniture.

    For having all these pets, I have to say they're clean animals. Each one eliminates his/herself where and when theyre supposed to. I think they know the almighty mom-wrath would just not be worth doing otherwise.

    Billy, I'm so glad to hear that your friends, as well as their pets, were not hurt. What a horrible thing to go through. I'm sure they appreciate all their friends' concern right now.

  6. A squirt bottle with water in it teaches cats very soon what is and is not allowed. They hate a squirt of water shot at them. As soon as you grab for it they are gone like a shot.

  7. We used that when he was a baby and you're right, it works like a charm.

  8. Four, John was reading through here and got a kick out of your referring to the cat as 'the big lad.' Now that's what John called him. LOL!


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