Monday, February 22, 2010

Tenants of the Last Chance Hotel

You know how some people give their homes pretty names? The Knoll. Lake View. Terrace On The Bluff. Stuff like that. I have also given my home a new name.

Last Chance Hotel.

I have raised two children to young adulthood. I have done my best. I have provided them with love and shelter. I have supported them financially and emotionally, tried my damnest to instill in them decency and morality. Through their teen years I stuck to my guns, confronted their choices as the need arose, not allowing myself the easy way out of sitting back, saying "do what you will" to them in order to avoid confrontation. They both fully know what I do and do not deem as acceptable behavior. Nonetheless, being young adults they have both made errors in judgement and have had, at various times, to return home with their tails between their legs.

Such is the case now. At a time when I am ready to start enjoying my life, fairly foot loose and fancy free, my chicks have returned to the home-nest. My 20 year old son is attached at the hips (and probably at other various body parts) to his girl friend/fiancee, so they come together. My 23 year old daughter, recently out of a horrid relationship with a jerk of a guy, comes along with a little "min-pin," better known as a miniature pinscher, named Sophie.

So at this stage of my life I have a house full of young adults, two of my own and a constant in and out flow of their friends. I have my beloved, dear dog Abby, who is my most well behaved child, an evil minded cat named Marley (I call him 'Lee') left over from my daughter's last stay at home, now there's Sophie (the bat posing as a dog) and two large lizards, not to mention the crickets we feed to the lizards and who are escape artists and who also need to be fed.

And lets not forget John, even tho he does not like for me to write about him on the web. He's still around here somewhere, midst kids and critters.

I have told my kids that this is now to be known as The Last Chance Hotel. You had better prepare yourselves well, because it's time you stood on your own two feet instead of stepping on mama's dancing toes.



son's girlfriend/fiancee

evil cat, Lee

sweet Abby

my babies, the lizards

Last but not least,
batdog, Sophie


  1. Just a little note, kids and critters alike are well aware that if you mess my house, you will suffer, if you dare poop on my floor, I will flatten you. Even Sophiethebatdog knows the rules, even tho she is here only on a temporary basis. And I meam that. Temporary.

  2. Beej what a great family you have... Great pets and those kids look like they turned out very nicely.. All kids need to return home once or twice before realizing that they need there own two feet to stand on.. I know I returned home a few times with all my stuff... My mom and dad werent happy about it but now after 13 years we have finally become who we are... We are partners and a family of our own...

  3. Thanks Tweetey. This is a temporary situation. I mean it. A castle can have only one Queen. And I am The Queen.

  4. You know what? I must be doing okay. Even the lizards are smiling.

  5. And a castle can only have one king.

    I made it pretty clear to my kids that after they became adults that they had to learn how to make it on their own cuz there was no returning to the nest. Not for more than a week or two anyway. They'll keep returning if you let them, it's a learned behavior thing.

    if you are a Carlos Santana fan or a Los Lonely Boys fan,

    Never heard of them but there's lots of music I've not heard.

  6. Did you listen to the video, Billy? I really love them together. they just FIT.

  7. Just think- someday you might need them.

  8. Hahahahaha!! They already know that when I am done with responsibilities and am old I am disappearing. I am selling everything I own and will become a vagabond. Either that, or I want to be perched in one of those elite retirement homes where I can flirt with all the old(er) retired men who think their life is over. Talk about the Last Chance Hotel! ;)


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