Monday, February 22, 2010

Carlos Santana / Los Lonely Boys (I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love)

This isn't for everybody but if you are a Carlos Santana fan or a Los Lonely Boys fan, or even better, if you are a Carlos Santana fan AND a Los Lonely Boys fan (I am definitely in that group) you'll love this, if for nothing else but to see them having such a great, great time.


  1. I spent many years in my youth under the impression he was called Carlos Sultana.

    Oh dear. There's no hope is there?...;-)

  2. Oh how funny! Yes, I think there's hope...but you need to act quick! ha!

  3. I Loved that!!-maybe they should work on some more stuff-wouldn't that be cool? If you like Los Lonely Boys maybe you'll like Indigenous??


  4. Stagg, Arent they great? LLB played here last em.summer but i didnt get to see them. I went to youtube as soon as I read your reply here and listened to Indigenous. You know who they kinda reminded me of for some reason? The old band April Wine with Miles Goodwin!

  5. I was about to call Stagg over to the computer...but ha! He beat me already to this post!

    Awesome Beej!

  6. I've heard worse but I'm a wore out old country boy and prefer country western shit kicking music. And some old rock and roll and other oldies like that.

    There is so much frigging much noise in my head all the time that I seldom listen to music anyway, it's a curse but there is nothing I can do about that.

  7. Candy, Awesome is right! God I love these guys. I listen to them almost daily, no joke.

    Billy, Los Lonely Boys does a type of music called 'Texican' and they were discovered by Willie Nelson.

  8. Oh and 笑口常開, um welcome to my blog. I think.

  9. I'll never smoke weed with Willie again. :-)


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