Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not By The Hair Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin.

I enjoy reading other folks blogs. I'll spend hours hitting the 'next blog' button. I've run into a slew of different topics by doing that, including one from a mom of a heroin addicted daughter, to a recently widowed young woman who's a mom of four real young kids. "Course, there's a host of young married couples who travel to exotic places and use their blogs as travelling journals, and moms who proudly post photos of their babies. Then there are the crafters who show off their creations in hopes of selling them and making a few bucks.

Recently I ran into a blog that amazed me, not because the topic was outstanding; just the opposite. This lady..and I cant post a link because I'm sure I'll never stumble upon it again..wrote about the most mundane things imaginable but did it so well that the reader just could not stop reading.

The day I found it, this lady had written a wordy post about a hair chin, of all things. From her profile picture, she seemed to be an attractive woman, maybe in her early to mid 30's. she had just gotten out of the shower, was putting on her body lotion when she noticed an extremely long chin hair growing out of her face. She said it was exceptionally long and greatly resembled a wire. She went on and on about this repulsive long hair, and you know what? I COULD NOT STOP READING!

I am not obsessed with facial hair. Except maybe Brad Pitts'. But that's only because a hirsute Brad Pitt is incredibly powerful eye candy to me. But hair, even just one hair, growing out of a females face makes my stomach turn. I have a customer who buys books at my bookstore and I swear she has at least a dozen black wiry ugly things hanging fron her under chin. I can barely look at her. I would love to take her aside and hand her a razor and tell her to just shave them off, but I can't do that to a stranger. Plus she probably would never buy from us again.

In Europe, body hair is thought to be attractive, or so I've heard. But to me, there is nothing pretty about this:

I doubt however, that even the most savvy, sophisticated European would be attracted to a wiry hair sprouting from a females face.

But this blogger made it seem really interesting. Or a least her reaction to finding it was interesting.

I learned from her that it really doesn't matter WHAT you write, as much as it does HOW you write.

Not that I have facial hair to write about..

Not by the hair of MY chinny chin chin.


  1. I can't stand not to shave, and I pluck the hairs on my ears and eyebrows and such. And cut my own hair to keep it in check, I hate hair touching my ears. And I haven't been to a barber for years.

    I used to go to one years ago, I liked how she tugged on my ears.

    I'll spend hours hitting the 'next blog' button.

    You don't have a life?

    I learned from her that it really doesn't matter WHAT you write, as much as it does HOW you write.

    I just let things flow through me but I've never pretended to be a writer or author.

  2. Do I have a life? I run a house and a family and work 32 hours a week. I try to read every day but I usually get about 20 to 25 pages in before I fall asleep with the book in my hands. Reading online just helps me to relax is all so I try to fit it in. Maybe not for hours, but it seems like it.


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