Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh No, Snow.

It might snow today. This is not a strange thing if you live in the north but I live in the southern most part of Alabama. In fact, if you face south and spit, your spit would land in Florida; turn east and you would hit the southern most part of Georgia.

I lived in New Hampshire for a stretch of time and I am not usually intimidated by snow. But it's different here. Most other folks haven't driven on snow or ice covered roads and they panic. On top of that, we have absolutely no machinery to clear the roads, much less salt or sand with which to treat them.

Any accumulation of snow will absolutely paralyze my city. And I do need to drive to the bookstore today. I am nervous.


  1. Drive slow and in a high gear and you'll be fine.

    Failing that drive fast and have a good skid around! Much more fun!

    Passed my Part I ADI exam today. Just Part II to go and I'm a driving instructor!!!...oh dear

  2. hey Dinners, congrats!
    Beej, a little snow is good for the soul.

  3. Aww Beej I am sorry to hear this.. I hate driving on snow and I live where it snows.. A litle snow but when you arent prepared for it its hard on the soul... Take care and be careful..


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